Jyuohger Episode 16

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Episode 16
Find the Jyumans
Doubutsu Sentai Jyuohger episode
Writer Tanaka Jin
Director Takemoto Noboru
Action Director Fukuzawa Hirofumi
Original air date May 29, 2016 (2016-05-29)
Viewership 4.3%
Character focus Yamato, Mario
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Fan Rating ... / 5
Episode chronology
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Episode 15
The Terrifying Sniper
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Episode 17
An Extra Player Interlopes
Episode List
Doubutsu Sentai Jyuohger
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Aired with Kamen Rider Ghost 33

Important things that happened[edit]

Attacks and Mecha[edit]

  • JyuohEagle Riser Spinning Slash (ライザースピニングスラッシュ)




Height: 198cm (コンティニュー身長: 39.6m)
Weight: 178kg (コンティニュー体重: 356.0t)
Team: Naria
Weapon: Fureeta Mantle, DeathSpada
Genre: Making things disappear game
  • Name comes from Mantle and Toro (the thing Matador's say). Has a heavy matador theming and speaks Spanish. Spada is Spanish for "sword".


Guest Stars[edit]


  • Young Yamato - Ayuba Shuri 幼い大和 - 阿由葉朱凌

Songs Used[edit]


  • Dragon Quest Heroes II with Takei Emi (Also voicing Theresia in-game)
  • Amazon Fire TV stick. Commercial includes shot of Kamen Rider Amazons, streaming exclusively through their Prime service.
  • Jyuohger and Ghost movie promotion by the Jyuohgers.


  • Callback - Tusk's nose is used for tracking again.
  • Mantoro is a reference to matador bullfighters. He has a red mantle, says olé and gracias, and even has "toro" in his name.
    • It's fitting that Mario is dressed as a cow for this episode. Since bulls are the enemies of matadors.
  • This is the second week in a row where the monster of the week doesn't say "thank you, Naria". Instead, he says "Gracias, Naria" to go with his bull fighting theme.
  • Sadly, Mantoro is in love with Naria, but Naria is oblivious to this. Naria is only interested in Genis. At the end, Naria comments that she wonders why Mantoro called out her name as he died.
  • Mario calls JyuohEagle the real Eagle of Truth. A reference to Episode 11, which shows a carving that Mario made called that. This carving appears at the end of the episode.

Out of Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Color of the week: Red
    • Koala
  • The Jyuohgers promote the movies for Ghost and Jyuohger coming out in August at the end.

Actor Trivia[edit]


Jyuohger Episode 16 Transcript