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Super Doubutsu Taisen
Doubutsu Sentai Jyuohger episode
Writer Shimoyama Kento
Director Sugihara Teruaki
Original air date September 14, 2016 (2016-09-14)
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Super Doubutsu Taisen
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Suit Actors[edit]


  • Super Sentai Hero Getter - Version from the Gokaiger Special DVD. Features Gai falling out of frame at the end, and scrambling to get back in.


  • This special was released with the Jyuohger Blu-ray Collection 1.
  • Name is a parody of Super Hero Taisen. It translates to "Super Animal Great War".
  • The Jyuohgers find a crude Super Sentai Encyclopedia, which is actually a book that can be bought.
  • Sela makes a joke wondering if there's an AoBlue, the way there is an AkaRed. AkaRed responds that the equivalent would be named AkaBlue. If he's serious, then that means the Sentai team that AkaRed would be a part of would follow the naming format Aka + Color in English. He's probably joking though.
  • In this special Shikaku is used to mean "qualifications, proof, certification". It's the same word used for Ouja no Shikaku which we translated to "Mark of the King".
    • When wearing the school uniforms, Tusk wears a bandana that says "goukaku" which means "gonna pass (the test)". None of the Jyuohgers wear the same type of school uniform.
  • Jealoushitto brings a book for taking attendance, but never takes attendance.
    • According to him, he got married and had a kid. This is a continuation of the end of Gokaiger Episode 24, where it's hinted that Nobuyuki's mother is pregnant. In the flashback, we see Jealoushitto wearing the same outfit he did when he's running the onsen with Nobuyuki's mother.
      • On the wall in the flashback, it's got the kanji for "Goukai". A lot of the items seen int he room are traditional Japanese things. There's a beckoning cat, senbei (rice crackers), and a tea set.
  • Tusk is reading a book called "Nose".
  • A man who appears to be a stunt actor jogs by Jealoushitto on the road.
    • Jealoushitto is sitting in an area under a sign that says "No illegal dumping. Don't leave your garbage here!" Implying that he's illegally dumped garbage.
    • Jealoushitto is eating a cup of Space Noodle.
  • At the end, Jin shows up, angry that the Jyuohgers had taken the title of "Doubutsu Sentai".