Shinkenger Act 11

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Act 11
Three-way Strife
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger episode
Writer Kobayashi Yasuko
Director Morota Satoshi
Action Director Ishigaki Hirofumi
Original air date April 26, 2009 (2009-04-26)
Viewership 6.5%
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Episode chronology
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Act 10
DaiTenKuu Gattai
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Act 12
First in History: Chou Samurai Gattai
Episode List
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
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Aired with Kamen Rider Decade 14

Important things that happened

  • Shitari tells Doukoku something about ShinkenRed that causes him to rage and as a result of that rage, sends Nanashi Renjyuu out to terrorize the human world.
  • Kotoha and Mako engage the Nanashi Renjyuu while Ryuunosuke, Chiaki, and Takeru form DaiTenKuu to deal with the Oonanashi Renjyuu. They're able to handle the first wave, but are shocked to find that the second wave only wants to go after Takeru. Takeru defeats the second wave using Kaen Raiden No Mai, and afterwards says that the menacing voice they heard during the battle was Doukoku.
  • The Shinkengers regroup at the mansion after fending off the Nanashi Renjyuu and are still wondering why the Nanashi Renjyuu were only interested in Takeru. Jii explains that within the Shiba clan, there is a special character that is passed down generation to generation. The special character is able to seal Doukoku, effectively defeating him. The previous lord was only able to use a partial character which sealed Doukoku but allowed him to revive after time passed.
  • Shitari theorizes that the past ShinkenRed did not master the character and that the current ShinkenRed is presently unable to use it, but he may be able to in the future. He calls for Ushirobushi to take down ShinkenRed.
  • The Shinkengers resume their training and Ryuunosuke remarks that he understands why they are samurais: they're there to protect Takeru, as protected Takeru is akin to protecting the world. Takeru is angered by this and instructs his vassals to fight as they have been before.
  • The Sukima Sensor goes off, and the Shinkengers head out to investigate. They're met by Ushirobushi, who used the system to call out eh Shinkengers. He challenges Takeru to a duel, to which he accepts. He engages Ushirobushi and is watched by Juuzou while Ryuunosuke and the others fight Nanashi Renjyuu. Ushirobushi is able to block Takeru's attack and uses the opportunity to deal a major blow to Takeru. Weakened, Takeru struggles to get up while Ushirobushi charges up a powerful attack. Ryuunosuke and Kotoha see that Takeru is in danger, and in spite of his plea for them not to help, they rush to him and take Ushirobushi's attack, which critically injures them. Takeru tries to cover Ryuunosuke and Kotoha from another attack while Chiaki and Mako rush to defend Takeru.
  • Ushirobushi is about to unleash an attack when it is blocked by Juuzou, who slashes at both Ushirobushi and Chiaki/Mako. He tells Ushirobushi to back off, as ShinkenRed is his target. Ushirobushi refuses, and Takeru is forced to participate in a three-way sword contest. The contest reaches a stalemate and Ushirobushi retreats first due to him having run out of water. Takeru asks Juuzou why he he did what he did and Juuzou tells him that he wants to fight Takeru. They exchange a few blows but Juuzou is dissatisfied with the match, saying that Takeru is different than before. Juuzou leaves and transforms back to his human form, which Chiaki and Mako recognize from a few episodes back.
  • Back at the Shiba mansion, Ryuunosuke and Kotoha get treated for their injuries while Jii looks for Takeru, who has gone missing. The episode ends with Takeru leaving the mansion.

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Voiced by Suwabe Junichi

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  • Previous ShinkenGreen - Tanno Yoshimasa (Uncredited) 先代シンケングリーン - 丹野宜政

New Moves

  • Kaen Raiden No Mai (Dance of Blazing Lightning) - Takeru uses two ShinkenMarus and embues one of them with the power of fire and the other with the power of lightning.




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