Shinkenger Act 09

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Act 09
Tiger Period of Rebellion
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger episode
Writer Kobayashi Yasuko
Director Watanabe Katsuya
Action Director Ishigaki Hirofumi
Original air date April 12, 2009 (2009-04-12)
Viewership 7.4%
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Episode chronology
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Act 08
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DaiTenKuu Gattai
Episode List
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
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Aired with Kamen Rider Decade 12

Important things that happened

  • Takeru and Ryuunosuke spar in training, and they both seem equally matched. Mako remarks that Ryuunosuke's technique is better, and Jii agrees, but says that Takeru's true strength comes during battle.
  • Juuzou visits Doukoku and tells him of his plans to go after ShinkenRed, and is surprised when Doukoku has no problem with him doing so. Shitari tries to ask Juuzou why he thought he needed permission, but is interrupted by Hitomidama.
  • Hitomidama rampages in the human world, and when met by the Shinkengers, he summons Tora Origami. He explains that Tora Origami was lost in a previous battle, and he captured it and tamed it. He prepares to do the same to the Shinkengers, but only manages to get control of Ryuunosuke. Chiaki, Kotoha, and Mako try to get Ryuunosuke to stop, but are unable to fight their ally. Takeru tries to defeat Hitomidama, but is forced to retreat when Mako, Chiaki, and Kotoha are injured by Ryuunosuke.
  • Juuzou leaves the Sanzu River and reverts to his human form.
  • Back at the Shiba mansion, the Sukima Sensor goes off, and Jii tells Chiaki, Kotoha, and Mako that Takeru has already gone to go face Hitomidama and Ryuunosuke. Chiaki is angered by this and Mako suggests they go as well.
  • Takeru confronts Hitomidama and is given a choice, fight Ryuunosuke or Hitomidama will have Ryuunosuke commit suicide. Takeru tells Chiaki and the others not to interfere and accepts Hitomidama's challenge. As Chiaki, Kotoha, and Mako are watching, they are approached by Juuzou. He tells them that the match is already decided in Takeru's favor. He says Ryuunosuke is only using techniques, while Takeru is fighting to get an attack in. He is correct, and after a mostly defensive match by Takeru, Takeru is able to attack Ryuunosuke with his Mojikara imbued ShinkenMaru, and is able to remove the curse from Ryuunosuke.
  • Takeru is able to regain control of Tora Origami, while Ryuunosuke and the others defeat Hitomidama's 1st life. They form Shinken-Oh, then form Tora Shinken-Oh to defeat the 2nd life.
  • After the battle, Takeru apologizes to Ryuunosuke for gambling with his life.

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Voiced by Ishino Ryuzou

An Ayakashi with an eye for a shield.

Name is a combination of pupil (Hitomi 瞳) and eye (Medama 目玉).

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New Origami/Weapons

  • Tora Origami

New Moves

  • Yonten Giri (Four-point Slash) - Chiaki, Kotoha, Mako, and Ryuunosuke individually slash at an opponent using their ShinkenMaru's imbued with their respective elemental Mojikara.
  • Tora Drill Totsugeki (Tiger Drill Charge) - Tora Shinken-Oh's spins its drills and charges at an opponent.

New Gattai

  • Samurai Busou (w/Tora Origami) - Combination of Shishi, Ryuu, Kuma, Kame, Saru, and Tora Origami. Forms Tora Shinken-Oh.



  • Tayuu tells Hitomidama to have ShinkenBlue cut his gut open AKA commit seppuku. As usual, the Ayakashi dislikes Tayuu and basically says she's no fun.
  • Juuzou says that he realizes something that Doukoku is unaware of.


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