Shinkenger Act 06

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Act 06
King of Badmouthing
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger episode
Writer Kobayashi Yasuko
Director Takemoto Noboru
Action Director Ishigaki Hirofumi
Original air date March 22, 2009 (2009-03-22)
Viewership 5.2%
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Episode chronology
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Kabuto Origami
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Episode List
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
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Aired with Kamen Rider Decade 09

Important things that happened

  • During training, Kotoha gets into it and slightly injures Chiaki. She makes a flour compress for him, but while trying to put in on him she slips and falls on the compress Kotoha calls herself stupid for making such a mess, which irks Chiaki.
  • Shitari calls for Zuboshimeshi and quickly sends him to the human world, for some reason not wanting to hear him speak. In the human world, Zuboshimeshi causes havoc by inflicting pain with his words, using people's worst fear/secrets against them. He calls Takeru a liar, calls Chiaki the leftover one, says Mako will be an old maid for life, and tells Ryuunosuke he has a father complex. Despite his best efforts, Zuboshimeshi's words have no effect on Kotoha, and he is forced to retreat.
  • Back at the mansion, the Shinkengers are recovering from Zuboshimeshi's attack, and ponder why Kotoha was unaffected. Kotoha says that she's been called slow and stupid for most of her life, so it doesn't bother her that an Ayakashi tells her that, because she believes it to be true. This pisses Chiaki off, and he tells Kotoha that if she really thinks that, then she really is stupid.
  • Kotoha runs off, and Chiaki runs after her to apologize. Kotoha explains to Chiaki that when she was a child, she would cry a lot and lean on her sister to cheer her up. However, once her sister got sick and Kotoha had to take over as a samurai, she decided that she couldn't cry anymore, and began to smile no matter what happened. Chiaki apologizes to Kotoha, saying that he is the stupid one for being mad that he lost to her.
  • Zuboshimeshi returns and after a quick insult to Ryuunosuke (mother complex), he brings forth Nanashi Renjyuu and states that he only has an interest in Kotoha. Takeru and the others deal with the Nanashi Renjyuu, while Kotoha and Chiaki deal with Zuboshimeshi. Kotoha is able to render Zuboshimeshi's attacks ineffective by filling rocks in his mouth, and the Shinkenger are able to finish him off.
  • The Shinkengers form Shinken-Oh, then Kabuto Shinken-Oh and defeat Zuboshimeshi. Kotoha collapses at the end of the fight, exhausted from Zuboshimeshi's attacks.

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Voiced by Futamata Issei

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New Origami/Weapons

New Moves

  • Ki No Ha Kakushi (Tree Leaves Concealment) - Using his Wood Spear, Chiaki sends a surge of leaves at an opponent.
  • Tsuchi No Ji Giri (Land Slash) - Kotoha imbues her ShinkenMaru with the power of earth and slashes at an opponent. The attack name literally is "Slashes in the shape of the character for earth 土".

New Gattai



  • Shitari says Zuboshimeshi's mouth of the source of calamity. This is a play on the Japanese idiom "The mouth is the source of all calamities." (口は災いの元)
  • Tayuu continues to not get along with the Ayakashi. This time, Zuboshimeshi says something insulting that makes her angry.
  • Before he's interrupted, Ikenami was about to say the idiom "If your mind is clear, even a fire will feel cool."
  • Zuboshimeshi calling Takeru a liar is something that won't be brought up again till the very end of the series.


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