Kamen Rider Geats 49

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Episode 49
Daybreak I: Here Comes the Highlight!
Kamen Rider Geats episode
Writer Takahashi Yuya
Director Nakazawa Shojiro
Action Director Fujita Satoshi
Original air date August 27, 2023 (2023-08-27)
Viewership N/A
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Fan Rating 4.17 / 5
Episode chronology
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Episode 48
Genesis X: Tsumuri's Requiem
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THE WINTER MOVIE: Gotchard & Geats
Episode List
Kamen Rider Geats
< Ep 48 Daybreak I: Here Comes the Highlight!
Aired with Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger 26

Important things that happened


Kamen Riders




  • Final Geats Junction
  • Kamen Rider Geats spin-off
  • DX Gotchardriver

Songs Used


  • Both Geats and King-Ohger didn't use their opening sequences this week.
  • A lot of scenes in the finale mirror scenes from the first episode. Even both titles are called Daybreak.
  • Change my future is the theme song from Movie Battle Royale, making it a rare example of the movie song being reused in the main series.

Wishes on the ema wooden plaques

  • Sasaki Kaoru (鳥佐木薫) - I want to be popular with the ladies. I want to be the ultimate ladies man
  • Koganeya Morio/Kamen Rider Mary (小金屋森魚) - Wish: ??
  • Ganaha Sae/Kamen Rider Lopo (我那覇冴) - Wish: 健, probably something about health
  • Ooshima Syuui (大嶋修一) Art Director - Wish: 頑固一徹 (Be determined)
  • 神応寺美嘉 (Female student from ep 2 played by Minomo Ayame) - Wish: ライブ and 制覇, so something about a winning live concert
  • Hareruya Win/Kamen Rider Punk Jack (晴家ウィン) - Wish: 目指せパンクロッカー, I wanna be a punk rocker
  • Plaque after Win's - Wish - I want to be a Wild Class Man
  • Matsudaira Ken (松平健 Tokugawa from the OOO movie) - I wish for good health
  • Ziin? (The one on top of Keiro's wish) - Wish - Everyone in the world to be touched
  • Tanuma Akihiro (田沼明弘) - Wants to be a billionaire
  • Tanba Ittetsu /Kamen Rider Keiro (丹波一徹) - Wish: ???
  • Azuma Michinaga / Kamen Rider Buffa (吾妻道長) - Wish: うまい肉を食う, I want to eat delicious beef
  • Ben & John (Neon's bodyguards) - Wish: Happiness for OJOSAMA
  • Kurama Kouse & Kurama Irumi (Neon's parents 鞍馬光聖 & 鞍馬伊瑠美) - Wish: ???
  • Ninokami Genbu (An eliminated player in ep 2 二ノ神玄武) - Wish: 大願, maybe 大願成就, Fulfil a great wish
  • Kurama Neon / Kamen Rider Nago (鞍馬祢音) - Wish: 白馬の王子様をつかまえる, To catch my prince on a white horse.
  • Sakurai Keiwa / Kamen Rider Tycoon (桜井景和) - Wish: 世界平和, World peace
  • Sakurai Sara (Keiwa's sister 桜井沙羅) - Wish: Way too much
  • Isuzu Daichi / Kamen Rider Nudge-Sparrow (五十鈴大智) - Wish: 人類とジャマとの共生, For humanity and Jamato to coexist.
  • Sumida Kanato / Kamen Rider DaPaan (墨田奏斗) - Wish: ???


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