Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger with Tonbo-Ohger

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Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger
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A crossover short between Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger and Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger. Part of the DekaRanger 20th anniversary celebration. Released on TTFC June 16, 2024 (2024-06-16)

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  • Reimon Marika / DekaYellow - Kinoshita Ayumi 日渡茉莉花/デカイエロー - 木下あゆ美
  • Kodou Koume / DekaPink - Kikuchi Mika  胡堂小梅/デカピンク - 菊地美香
  • Yanma Gast - Watanabe Aoto  ヤンマ・ガスト/トンボオージャー - 渡辺碧斗
  • Doggie Krueger - Inada Tetsu  ドギー・クルーガー - 稲田徹
  • Haretsuki Ten / DekaPink 2 - Miyazaki Amisa 晴月天 / デカピンクその2 - 宮崎あみさ
  • Narrator - Furukawa Toshio ナレーション - 古川登志夫
  • Yogerajiimu - Matsuda Kenichirou ヲゲラジーム - 松田健一郎

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  • Miyazaki Amisa played Sononi in DonBrothers. Hence her character being named DekaPink Sononi and the reference to DonBrothers at the end.
  • When Yanma says that Jasmine is motherly and selfless, that's a reference to when he used those exact words in an interview last year. In it, he admitted that Jasmine from DekaRanger was his first crush. [1]
  • Like the other DekaRangers, Ten's name is a type of tea. Tencha is the name of the leaves used to make matcha.
  • Hashimoto Keiko who is the suit actress for DekaYellow also played her in the original series in 2004. Kamio Naoko was the stunt double for Umeko, but didn't play DekaPink until now.

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