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Hero Mama★League (ヒーローママ★リーグ)
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Release date May 13, 2018 (2018-05-13). The special was used as a promotion for the movie Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger VS Space Squad since it features the antagonist, Demost.


  • Nono Nanami (Maiden name) / HurricaneBlue - Nagasawa Nao 野乃七海(旧姓)/ハリケンブルー - 長澤奈央
  • Reimon Marika (Maiden name) / DekaYellow - Kinoshita Ayumi 礼紋茉莉花(旧姓)/デカイエロー - 木下あゆ美
  • Ozu Houka (Maiden name) / MagiPink - Beppu Ayumi 小津芳香(旧姓)/マジピンク - 別府あゆみ
  • Hiroto-sensei - Tawada Hideya ひろと先生 - 多和田秀弥
  • Narration - Takato Yasuhiro ナレーション - 高戸靖広
  • Space Nin Demost's voice - Hino Satoshi 宇宙忍デモストの声 - 日野聡
  • Space Nin Demost's suit - Nakayama Kai 宇宙忍デモストの声 - 中山甲斐
  • Ozu Tsubasa - Matsumoto Hiroya (Cameo) 小津翼 - 松本寛也


  • Creator - Hate Saburou
  • Writer - Shimo Ayumi
  • Director - Hayama Koichirou (葉山康一郎)
  • Sound design - 桑原秀綱
  • Producers - 塚田英明 中野剛
  • Filming - 松村文雄
  • Stylist - 村瀬昌広


  • At the beginning, Demonst is doing a chat that seems to be taken from Kuji-kiri.
  • Hiroto-sensei's in charge of the Star Class, a reference to the actor's Sentai past as Starninger.
  • Nanami says OK Corral in response to something. It's a reference to the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
  • Jasmine often uses outdated slang and memes. For naruheso we used "I can dig it". "Za world" is a reference to Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, I think?

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