Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters VS Beet Buster VS J

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Mission SP
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters VS Beet Buster VS J
特命戦隊ゴーバスターズ VS ビートバスター VS J
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters episode
Writer Mouri Nobuhiro
Director Katou Hiroyuki
Original air date September 2012
Viewership N/A
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Mission 27
Escape the Mazelike Complex!
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Beware of Chickens!
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Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
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ゴーバスターズ VS ビートバスター VS J
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Release Date: September 1st. Came with the October edition of TV Magazine.

Important things that happened[edit]

  • Enter tricks J into drinking a can of Enetron that's tainted with a virus.
  • All the staff are out because the Buddyroids are getting their scheduled maintenance, so the Busters take the opportunity to give a tour of the Command Center.
    • When displaying the Shooter Hatch, the camera takes on a first person view from J's perspective. We see his hand reach out and push Hiromu into the shoot with Ryuuji. However, we don't see J again till much later. (Youko uses this opportunity to prank her comrades by deploying them together in the Shooter.)
  • Enter steals Jin's Morphin Blaster and transforms into a Enter-style Beet Buster. The normal Beet Buster visor uses Enter's goggles, and he has coat tails like Enter's coat.
  • Jin works on creating a vaccine program while Red Buster fights Beet Buster Enter and Junkroid. When Jin succeeds, they show the internal battle within J. Jin takes on the role of the vaccine while the Buglars take on the role of the virus surrounding J. Upon beating the Buglars, J remarks, "I am myself again."
  • While Jin is focused on the program, the Junkroid moves to attack him as he is vulnerable. However, Space Sheriff Gavan appears and stops Junkroid. Blue Buster remarks about a legend he heard about Gavan protecting the planet when he was younger.
  • Just as Enter is about to finish off Red Buster, he loses his transformation. Jin becomes Beet Buster and together with Red Buster, they defeat the Junkroid.

The Vaglass[edit]

Junkroid - Voiced by Uncredited. All it says is "Uissu" in a modulated voice, so it's probably one of the actors or staff filling in for this voice.
Motif: Garbage? It appears to be made of parts from past Metaroids.
Metavirus: Unknown
Megazord: None
Code number: C-48


Enter's Outfit of the Week[edit]

Bug Catching Boy.


  • Space Sheriff Gavan makes a surprise guest appearance. (Probably to promote that franchise's movie in October). At the end there's an ad for the Gavan movie, a bonus Gavan DVD with the November issue of TV Magazine, and the Go-Busters Vol. 3 DVD/Blu-Ray.


Writer: Mouri Nobuhiro 毛利亘宏

Director: Katou Hiroyuki 加藤弘之

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