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A wiki page for collecting miscellaneous Super Sentai trivia, records, and noteworthy firsts.


01. Himitsu Sentai GoRanger[edit]

  • First Sentai Series with the "Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink" formation.
  • First Sentai Series, thus, first to set the main patterns.
  • First Sentai team name to begin with "Go".
  • First Sentai to have a member replaced.
  • First Sentai to have a member die in action.
  • First Sentai to have a movie.
  • First Sentai to use a ball finisher attack.
  • First Sentai to use two finisher attacks one after another.
  • First Sentai to use the word "Ranger" as a part of their name.
  • First Sentai with all members wearing capes.
  • First Sentai with a terrorist organization as the villain group.

02. JAKQ Dengekitai[edit]

  • First (and only) Sentai to have playing cards as its motif.
  • First Sentai with less than five members from the start (four).
  • First Sentai where the red member's leader position is revoked.
  • First Sentai with a White.
  • First Sentai with a crossover movie.
  • First Sentai where the members use nuclear, electric, magnetic and gravity powers.
  • Fisrt Sentai to have a finisher attack where monsters are sent into space before exploding.
  • First Sentai without "Sentai" in its full name (though the "-tai" at the end is the same as the one in "Sentai").
  • First Sentai to be cancelled due to low ratings (ending was rushed out).
  • First Sentai to have aliens as the villains.

03. Battle Fever J[edit]

  • First series officially known as a Super Sentai.
  • First series to have a giant mecha.
  • First (and only) Sentai to have countries as its motif.
  • First Sentai with an Orange and a Black.
  • First Super Sentai series to be inspired by a Marvel Comics character.
  • First Super Sentai series to not include Ishinomori Shoutarou in production.
  • First Sentai without any mention of anything from the word "Sentai" in its title.
  • First Sentai to have mouthplates with lips molded, and even for the eyes and nose.
  • First Sentai where all members represent a country each.
  • First Sentai to feature a team cannon formed from the members' individual weapons.

04. Denshi Sentai Denjiman[edit]

  • First Sentai with a transforming mecha.
  • First Sentai to use the word "-man" as part of their name.
  • First Sentai with a technological/scientific theme.
  • First Sentai series to utilize an actual lens visor in the suits' helmets (unlike previous series where the visor was made of the same fiber of the helmet).
  • First Sentai series to introduce a personal transformation device - in this case, each member wore a special ring.
  • Second Sentai series with a Marvel copyright, but without any involvement from Marvel.
  • First Sentai to use colors in the English language as the Rangers' names (the GoRangers have the color in their names spelt out in Japanese)
  • The Sentai with the second highest viewership rating, only behind GoRanger.

05. Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan[edit]

  • First Sentai with three members instead of five.
  • First Sentai to have animals as its motif.
  • First Sentai to put each member in control of an element.
  • First Sentai to have the "Red Bird, Yellow Feline and Blue Fish" formula (followed by three-member teams Liveman and Hurricaneger).
  • First Sentai with a combining mecha.
  • First Sentai to use a transformation bracelet.
  • First Sentai with an all-male cast.
  • First (and only) Sentai to be a sequel to its predecessor.

06. Dai Sentai Goggle V[edit]

  • First Sentai to shout its team name at the start of the theme song.
  • First Sentai with the "Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and Pink" formation.
  • First Sentai to use gymnastic weapons.
  • First Sentai to use the Roman numeral "V" as its suffix.
  • First Sentai with a three-piece mecha.
  • First Sentai with a mecha with one pilot per piece.
  • First (and only) Sentai where members pilot only the carrier.
  • First villains to only use an animal-basis for the monsters (Mozoo).
  • Final Sentai team to don scarves.
  • First Sentai to sell transformation devices (Goggle Brace) as toys.
  • First Sentai to have a spear-based finisher (Goggle Golden Spear).
  • First Sentai to have the giant fights involving two piloted mecha instead of a mecha versus a clone or giant monster.

07. Kagaku Sentai Dynaman[edit]

  • First Sentai to use spandex suits.
  • First Sentai with a Super mode (albeit only for DynaBlack).
  • First intended Sentai team that should have been a baseball-themed Sentai (though the idea was dropped).
  • First Sentai to be shown to an American audience, but not as Power Rangers. (Rather, it received a gag dub that aired as part of USA Network's "Night Flight" program in the 80s.)

08. Choudenshi Bioman[edit]

  • First Sentai to shout its full team name at the start of the theme song.
  • First Sentai with a female Yellow.
  • First Sentai with two female members.
  • First Sentai with a (not-regular) sixth member.
  • First (and only) Sentai with no monsters.
  • First (and only) Sentai with a consistent minion corp (Beastnoids)
  • First Sentai with Yoshinori Okamoto as a recurring character.
  • First Sentai with numbers in their Ranger names (eg. Red One).

09. Dengeki Sentai Changeman[edit]

  • First Sentai with a team cannon/bazooka.
  • First Sentai with two (completely original) movies.
  • First Sentai series to feature the first female White.
  • First (and only) Sentai series with an unique start/finish set-up of the premiere and final episode date. Changeman was first aired on February 2 1985 and ended on February 22 1986.

10. Choushinsei Flashman[edit]

  • First Sentai with a second mecha.
  • First Sentai to have a narration before the opening song.
  • First Sentai with actor Hirose Yutaka as a recurring villain.
  • First Sentai with a bittersweet ending.
  • First Sentai where all members have no last names.
  • First Sentai to have live-action eyecatches as opposed to still images.

11. Hikari Sentai Maskman[edit]

  • First Sentai with a five-piece mecha.
    • Also, the first Sentai to feature each core member possessing individual mecha.
  • First Sentai series focusing on a love triangle story.
  • First Sentai to have a prototype sixth Ranger without the person getting powers from the enemy.

12. ChouJyu Sentai Liveman[edit]

  • First Sentai with a female Blue.
  • First Sentai to use two transformation bracelets.
  • Along with its successor, Liveman is the first Anniversary Sentai season.
  • First Sentai with animal based mecha.
  • First Sentai with the "Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Black" formation.

13. Kousoku Sentai TurboRanger[edit]

  • First Heisei-era Sentai.
  • First automobile-themed Sentai series.
  • First Sentai series with most of Sentai members being high-school students.
  • First Sentai series with a crossover with the past 10 Showa-era Sentai teams (excluding GoRanger and JAKQ) in the pilot episode.
  • First team to use the "-ranger" suffix since GoRanger.

14. Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman[edit]

  • First all-sibling Sentai.
  • First Sentai with a Super mode for all the members of the team.

15. Choujin Sentai Jetman[edit]

  • First Sentai with a third mecha.
  • First Sentai with the "Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White" formation.
  • First Sentai to not present all the team members during its first episode, as actual team members.
  • First 5-man Sentai with a male Yellow and a female Blue.
  • First 5-man Sentai without a Pink (though White Swan had pink color on her suit).
  • First Sentai with a light shade of blue (cyan).
  • First Sentai to using a bird motif.
  • First Sentai series adapted into video games.
  • First Sentai series to have a member die shortly after the final battle (and under circumstances not relating to the villains).

16. Kyouryuu Sentai ZyuRanger[edit]

  • First Sentai with prehistoric-themed mecha.
  • First Sentai with sentient mecha.
  • First Sentai with a regular sixth member.
  • First Sentai where the sixth member dies.
  • First Sentai series to be adapted into Power Rangers.

17. Gosei Sentai DaiRanger[edit]

  • First (and only) Sentai to be adapted into Power Rangers and not have its core hero suits used during it (exception being KibaRanger).
  • First Sentai with a child being one of its members.
  • First Chinese mythology-themed Sentai series.
  • First Sentai series to use inner power as a finisher.
  • First Sentai team to do a suitless roll call due to losing their powers.
  • First Sentai team to have a male Pink (as shown in the flashbacks for episodes 7 and 8, Zhang Liao's DaiRangers was an all-male five-member team.)

18. Ninja Sentai Kakuranger[edit]

  • First ninja-themed Sentai series.
  • First Sentai with a female leader.
  • First Sentai with a light shade of blue for a male member.
  • First Sentai with a recurring evil Sentai.
  • First Sentai with two five-piece mecha.
  • First Sentai since Bioman to not shout the series' full title at the start of the opening song (although they did say the team's name at the end).
  • First (and only) Sentai to not present all its core team members at the first episode.

19. Chouriki Sentai OhRanger[edit]

  • First Sentai with a crossover that has all of the previous team's casts returning.
  • First series where GoRanger and JAKQ are declared as official Super Sentai series.
  • First Sentai series to feature the oldest Sentai member ever before the existence of the Sentai universe.

20. Gekisou Sentai CarRanger[edit]

  • First Sentai with limb-swapping mecha.
  • First Sentai to be a parody of its own franchise.
  • First Sentai series to use a remixed version of the original opening theme.
  • First Sentai series to feature the first extra Rangers/Bangai heroes (Signalman).

21. Denji Sentai MegaRanger[edit]

  • First Sentai with a Silver.
  • First Sentai to have a video game theme.
  • MegaRanger started off in a 25 minute time slot, but after the move to Sunday mornings, it received a 30 minute slot instead. This is the first Sentai series to be 30 minutes long, since Dynaman in 1983.

22. Seijyu Sentai Gingaman[edit]

  • First Sentai with animals that can be changed into mecha.
  • First Sentai team riding on horses instead of bikes.
  • First Sentai series to use various motifs inspired by classical elements (pirates, horsemen, knights and warriors).
  • First Sentai since ZyuRanger to use "-man" as its suffix.

23. Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo V[edit]

  • First Sentai with a Power Rangers adaptation that has an exclusive member.
  • First Sentai that featured a train as an additional mecha.
  • First rescue-themed Sentai series.

24. Mirai Sentai TimeRanger[edit]

  • First Sentai with two Reds.
  • First Sentai to feature a mecha that can change into two different forms.
  • First police-themed Sentai series.
  • First Sentai to have a theme song that doesn't have the series' full name anywhere in its lyrics (only "TimeRanger" is said).

25. Hyakujyu Sentai GaoRanger[edit]

  • First Sentai movie double-billed with the Kamen Rider summer movie.
    • Also, the first Sentai movie to feature movie-exclusive mecha.
  • First Sentai to feature hundreds of possible combinations of additional mecha into the main mecha.
  • First Sentai where four core members died, and are later revived.
  • First Sentai anniversary series not to feature automobile mecha.
  • First Sentai anniversary series in the V-Cinema to join forces with 24 past Sentai teams.

26. Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger[edit]

  • First Sentai with a Crimson and a Navy.
  • First Sentai with a secondary Sentai based on beetle and stag beetle.
  • First Sentai with a Sentai member with the ability to change into different disguises.
  • First Sentai with an amalgamation between its motif "Hurricane" and the word "Ranger".
  • First Sentai to feature a reunion special to continue it's story ten years after the series' ending.
  • First Sentai series not to be picked for a South Korean Power Rangers dub.

27. Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger[edit]

  • First Sentai where its fifth member is evil in almost all of his appearances.

28. Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger[edit]

  • First Sentai with more than six members.
  • First Sentai series with an equal ratio of male and female members (5:5).
  • First Sentai with a Gold (albeit a very brief movie appearance).
  • First Sentai with both a Silver and a Gold.
  • First Sentai with a torch-passing sequence at the end of its season.
  • First Sentai series to win a media prize at the Seiun Award.
  • First Sentai series with (almost) no central villain or evil organization at work.
  • First Sentai series to use a Battlizer which was previously only seen in Power Rangers (DekaRed in Mahou Sentai Magiranger vs Dekaranger).

29. Mahou Sentai MagiRanger[edit]

  • First Sentai with a regular Gold member.
  • First Sentai with members that transform into the mecha themselves, instead of summoning them.
  • First Sentai series with the opening sequence footage shot in New Zealand.

30. GoGo Sentai Boukenger[edit]

  • First Sentai to be filmed in high-definition.
  • First Sentai with a ten-piece mecha.
  • First Sentai to have multiple villain groups.
  • First Sentai to have a Super Sentai encyclopedia at the end of each episode (for half the series).

31. Jyuken Sentai GekiRanger[edit]

  • First Sentai without belts on the members' suits (except GekiChopper).
  • First Sentai with a Violet.
  • First Sentai with a feline theme.

32. Engine Sentai Go-Onger[edit]

  • First Sentai with the team name starting with the prefix "Go-" (with a hyphen).
  • First (and only) Sentai where the prefix of its full name is an English word, and using kanji to spell it with a pun (Enjin = Flame Gods)
  • First Sentai with a twelve-piece mecha.
  • First Sentai with a regular Gold and Silver duo.
  • First Sentai crossover movie premiered on Japanese silver screen.
  • First Sentai song theme to reach the Oricon top ten chart list.

33. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger[edit]

  • First (and only) Sentai with an official female Red.
  • First Sentai to have a crossover with a Kamen Rider.
  • First Sentai with a V-Cinema "Returns" release.
  • First Sentai with an upcoming new Sentai team appearing as a cameo in the "Versus Sentai" movies.
  • First Sentai adapted into Power Rangers after Saban reclaimed the Power Rangers franchise from Disney.
  • First Sentai with a Samurai theme.

34. Tensou Sentai Goseiger[edit]

  • First Sentai series to feature a card gimmick.
  • First Sentai to feature team members divided by tribes based on the three main elements on Earth (Land, Water and Air).
  • First Sentai to debut in their two predecessors' crossover movie.
  • First Sentai to have a member die before the series.
  • First Sentai with a completely robotic member.
  • First Sentai with the who-is-the-leader dispute trope in the group (episode 35).
  • First (and only) Sentai where most of the villains and monsters' names were adapted from Hollywood movie titles.

35. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger[edit]

  • First pirate-themed Sentai
  • First (and only) Sentai with the ability to transform into past Sentai Rangers.
  • First Sentai to explain its presence in its predecessors' crossover movie.
  • First Sentai with a ship serving as the team's base, and doubling as a piece of mecha.
  • First Sentai to feature a member who is a big fan of Super Sentai.
  • First Sentai to crossover with a Metal Hero.
  • First Sentai with a Blu-Ray release.
  • First Sentai with a finale hand-off in which another character besides the Red Rangers appear (Chida Nick from Go-Busters, though only in bike form).

36. Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters[edit]

  • First Sentai to have its title pluralized.
  • First (and only) Heisei-era Sentai to not use spandex suits, instead using a plastic leather called "pleather" in production.
  • First Sentai to completely change its opening theme song mid-season, rather than just switching the vocals, instrumental notes and/or the visuals.
  • First Sentai since OhRanger to not shout the series' full title at the start of the opening song.
  • First Sentai to have an alternate version of their own team.
  • If counting all the colors in both Tokumei and Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters, and ignoring the repeating colors, they're the first Sentai to start with 3 members and end up with more than 6.
  • First Sentai to have another team-up with the "Returns" title.

37. ZyuDen Sentai Kyouryuuger[edit]

  • First (and only) Heisei-era Sentai to not present a Yellow member.
  • First Sentai with a member who is not Asian.
  • First Sentai to have a crossover with Sentais having the same motif (dinosaur-themed Sentais).
  • First Sentai entirely written by the head writer (Sanjou Riku).
  • First Sentai featuring viewers' videos playing in the ending theme.
  • First series with a V-Cinema taking place 100 years after the series' ending.
  • First Sentai finale hand-off in which another color appears (Pink, through TOQ-1's use of the Pink Ressha).
  • First Sentai to reach the "10 Rangers mark" established by DekaRanger.
    • Introducing both Cyan and Gray colors, there are now 15 colors in the Sentai universe.
  • First Sentai to have a foreign-produced sequel series (Power Rangers Dino Force Brave/ZyuDen Sentai Kyouryuuger Brave)

38. Ressha Sentai Toqger[edit]

  • First Sentai to be fully train-themed.
  • First Sentai series to feature members who can switch their suit color with another member during battle (though the Gokaigers are technically still the first ones to be able to change colors).
  • First Sentai series with the ending credits replaced with trivia about trains (Everyone's Train Corner).
  • First Sentai to have Japanese (pronounciations of) numbers in their Ranger names (Bioman's numbers are pronounced in English eg. Red One, while Toqger's are in Japanese eg. TOQ Ichigou), and second to use numbers for each Ranger's unique name (not counting Fiveman as "Five" was the name of their squad). Also first Sentai series since DaiRanger to not use colors in the Ranger names.
  • First Sentai series to have the viewers rely on the numbers on the suits to identify each member instead of the colors, due to the color changing mechanic.

39. Shuriken Sentai Ninninger[edit]

  • First Sentai team with the "Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Pink" formation.
  • First ninja-themed Sentai with a Pink.
  • First ninja-themed Sentai with two female members.
  • First series to feature both Sentai and villain using the same type of device (Nin Shurikens).
  • First series with mecha not sticking to one theme (has ninjas, elephant, UFO, etc.)
  • First Sentai that have 3 Red Rangers

40. Doubutsu Sentai Jyuohger[edit]

  • First Sentai team with "Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White" formation
  • First Sentai with Cube Theme
  • First Sentai that have one member have three colors (Black, Silver, Gold) in the costume
  • Currently (as Mar 2017) is the lowest rating sentai series with average 3.3%

41. Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger[edit]

  • First Sentai that start with 9 members.
  • First Sentai with green female Sentai member.
  • First Sentai with gold and silver Sentai member included in the core Sentai teams.
  • First Sentai series based on real stars and constellations.
  • First Sentai to have 12 Active Members in 1 season.
  • First Sentai with a child member that does not grow to adult size during transformation (Sakuma Kotarou).

42. Kaitou Sentai LupinRanger VS Keisatsu Sentai PatRanger[edit]

  • First Sentai series with two different Sentai teams.
  • First series with a character being part of two different Sentai at once (Noel Takao).
  • First thief-themed Sentai (LupinRanger).
  • First Sentai to have foreign/non Japanese as their commander.
  • First Main Sentai Team Not To Have A Blue Ranger (PatRanger).

43. Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger[edit]

  • First Sentai series start knight teams.
  • First Reiwa-era Sentai.

44. Mashin Sentai Kiramager[edit]

  • First Sentai series start crystal teams.

EX1. Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger[edit]

  • First Sentai with both a female Blue and Yellow.
  • First Sentai with a higher number of females than males.
  • First Sentai with each team member being replaced at some point of its run.
  • First Sentai with a second season.

EX2. Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger 2[edit]

  • First Sentai with the new Blue member replace the old Blue member.
  • First Sentai to have all of its members die at the end of the series.


  • Oldest Sentai member actor - Sasano Takashi was 67 years old when he portrayed Igasaki Yoshitaka/Akaninger on Ninninger in 2015.
  • Youngest Sentai member actor - Sakai Hisashi was 12 years old when he portrayed Kou/KibaRanger on DaiRanger in 1993 & Taguchi_Shota also was 12 years old when he potrayed Sakuma Kotarou/Koguma SkyBlue on KyuuRanger
  • Oldest Sentai member actress - Watanabe Azusa was 37 years old when she portrayed Ozu Miyuki/MagiMother on MagiRanger in 2005. (Matsumoto Rica was 47 years old during her time as Yamada Masako/(temporary) AkibaYellow on AkibaRanger in 2012.)
  • Youngest Sentai member actress - Hirose Satomi was 13 years old when she portrayed Tsuruhime/NinjaWhite on Kakuranger in 1994. Natsui Runa was 14 years old during her time as Shiba Kaoru/ShinkenRed on Shinkenger in 2009.
  • Longest Sentai Series - GoRanger had 84 episodes.
  • Shortest Sentai Series - Officially, this is JAKQ with 35 episodes. But unofficial Sentai shows AkibaRanger and AkibaRanger 2 had 13 episodes apiece.
  • Sentai Series with most movies - GoRanger with 5, only 1 with original footage. Every Sentai since Shinkenger (also including Hurricaneger) has had 3 movies: a team-up with its predecessor, a self-made and a "Returns" V-Cinema title (excepting Gokaiger which had a crossover film with Gavan instead of a V-Cinema).
  • Sentai with most members - KyuuRanger with 12 members.
    • Sentai with most members starting with 3 - Go-Busters with 8 members.
    • Sentai with most male members - KyuuRanger with 10 male members (including Shou and Koutarou).
    • Sentai with most female members - DekaRanger with 5 female members.
  • Sentai with fewest members - Sun Vulcan with 3.
  • Sentai with the longest delay for an extra Ranger's debut - TimeRanger, Takizawa Naoto/TimeFire first appeared in Case File 28.
  • Sentai with the smallest delay for an extra Ranger's debut - KyuuRanger, Balance/TenbinGold and Naaga Rei/HebitsukaiSilver first appeared in Space 02, followed by Stinger/SasoriOrange in Space 03 and Raptor 283/WashiPink in Space 04.
  • Sentai to have/appear in most team-ups/crossovers - Go-Busters with 7 (Gokai vs Gavan, Super Hero Taisen, Busters vs Beet Buster vs J, Super Hero Taisen Z, Busters vs Gokai, Tokumei Go-Busters vs Doubutsu Go-Busters, Kyouryuu vs Busters), if you don't count the team-up with Gavan Type-G on their own series. Ninninger with three Ninja sempai-tachi in three episodes (NinjaRed, HurricaneRed and Jiraiya) and Toqgers (vs Toqger).
  • Sentai with highest ratings - GoRanger with an average of 16.1.
  • Sentai with lowest ratings - Jyuohger with an average of 3.3.
  • Sentai without eyecatches- Fiveman, Gokaiger, Go-Busters, Toqger, Ninninger, Jyuohger (Logo from the series would appear in the bottom corner before and after commercial break)
  • Sentai actors born at the end of Showa-era (1988)- Matsuzaka Tori and Takanashi Rin from Shinkenger, Ozawa Ryouta from Gokaiger, Jinnai Syo from Go-Busters and Horan Chiaki from MagiRanger.
  • Sentai actors born at the start of Heisei-era (1989)- Chiba Yudai from Goseiger, Suzuki Shougo from Shinkenger and Sugimoto Yumi from Go-Onger.
  • Sentai actors who played more than one role- Sentai Actor Recycling
  • Older Sentai actor for a Red when the broadcast: Koki Tanioka was 30 years when he played Battle Japan.
  • Older Sentai actor for a Blue when the broadcast: Kinjo Yamato as 30 years when he played KyouryuuBlue.
  • First Sentai colors by debut:
    • First Red: AkaRanger (GoRanger)
      • First female Red: "Kaoru" ShinkenRed (Shinkenger)
      • First as Sixth: TimeFire (TimeRanger)
    • First Blue: AoRanger (GoRanger)
      • First female Blue: Blue Dolphin (Liveman)
      • First light shaded blue: Blue Swallow (Jetman)
      • First male light-Blue: Ninja Blue (Kakuranger)
      • First non-human Blue: Ookami Blue (KyuuRanger)
    • First Yellow: KiRanger (GoRanger)
      • First female Yellow: Yellow Four (Bioman)
    • First Pink: MomoRanger (GoRanger)
      • First non-human Pink: WashiPink (KyuuRanger)
    • First Green: MidoRanger (GoRanger)
      • First as Sixth: X-1 Mask (Maskman), DragonRanger (ZyuRanger)
      • First female Green/as Extra: Mele (GekiRanger)
      • First female Green: ChameleonGreen (KyuuRanger)
    • First White: Big One (J.A.K.Q.)
      • First female White: ChangeMermaid (Changeman)
      • First as Sixth: KibaRanger (DaiRanger)
    • First Orange: Battle Cossack (Fever J)
      • First female Orange/as Extra: DekaSwan (DekaRanger)
      • First as Sixth: Toq-6 (Toqger)
    • First Black: Battle Kenya (Fever J)
      • First as Sixth: Magne Warrior (Bioman), KingRanger (OhRanger), Zyuoh The World (Jyuohger)
      • First non-human Black: Oushi Black (KyuuRanger)
    • First Silver: MegaSilver (MegaRanger)
      • First female Silver: Go-On Silver (Go-Onger)
      • First non-human Silver: Stag Buster (Go-Busters)
    • First Gold: Beast-Demon Hunter Sieg (GoGo V)
      • First female Gold: DekaGold (DekaRanger)
      • First non-human Gold: TenbinGold (KyuuRanger)
    • First Crimson: KabutoRaiger (Hurricaneger)
    • First Navy: KuwagaRaiger (Hurricaneger)
    • First Violet: GekiViolet (GekiRanger)
      • First female Violet: KyouryuuViolet II (Kyouryuuger)
      • First non-human Violet: RyuCommander (KyuuRanger)
    • First (officially called) Cyan: KyouryuuCyan I (Kyouryuuger)
      • First female: KyouryuuCyan II (Kyouryuuger)
    • First Gray: KyouryuuGray (Kyouryuuger)
    • First Brown: RyusoulBrown (Ryusoulger)

Recurring Themes[edit]

Sentai series

Sentai members

  • Animals
    • Bird-themed Sentai member: VulEagle (Sun Vulcan), ChangePhoenix (Changeman), Red Falcon (Liveman), Jetmen, NinjaWhite (Kakuranger), GingaGreen (Gingaman), GaoYellow (GaoRanger), HurricaneRed (Hurricaneger), DekaSwan (DekaRanger), MagiYellow (MagiRanger), Go-OnRed and Go-OnGold (Go-Onger), Jyuoh Eagle (Jyuohger) and WashiPink (KyuuRanger).
      • Phoenix-themed Sentai member: ChangePhoenix (Changeman), HououRanger (DaiRanger), OhRed (OhRanger), MagiRed (MagiRanger) and GoseiPink (Goseiger).
    • General feline-themed Sentai member: VulPanther (Sun Vulcan), Flowery Kunoichi Team (Kakuranger), GingaPink (Gingaman), GekiBlue and GekiYellow (GekiRanger), Red Buster/Red Cheetah, Dark Buster and Black Puma (Go-Busters).
      • Lion-themed Sentai member: Yellow Lion (Liveman), ShishiRanger (DaiRanger), OhBlue (OhRanger), GingaRed (Gingaman), GaoRed (GaoRanger), HurricaneYellow (Hurricaneger), Rio (GekiRanger), Go-OnBlue (Go-Onger), ShinkenRed (Shinkenger), GoseiKnight (Goseiger), Jyuoh Lion (Jyuohger) and ShishiRed (KyuuRanger).
      • Tiger-themed Sentai member: TigerRanger (ZyuRanger), KibaRanger (DaiRanger), GaoWhite (GaoRanger), GekiRed (GekiRanger), Go-OnSilver (Go-Onger), GoseiYellow (Goseiger) and Jyuoh Tiger (Jyuohger).
    • Primate-themed Sentai member: NinjaRed (Kakuranger), GingaBlue (Gingaman), ShinkenYellow (Shinkenger) and Blue Buster/Blue Gorilla (Go-Busters).
    • Bear-themed Sentai member: NinjaYellow (Kakuranger), Go-OnYellow (Go-Onger), ShinkenGreen (Shinkenger) and KogumaSkyBlue (KyuuRanger).
    • Bovine-themed Sentai member: Black Bison (Liveman), OhGreen (OhRanger), Black Knight (Gingaman), GaoBlack (GaoRanger), MagiGreen (MagiRanger) and OushiBlack (KyuuRanger).
    • Canine-themed Sentai member: NinjaBlue (Kakuranger), GingaYellow (Gingaman), GaoSilver (GaoRanger), Dekamaster (Dekaranger), Wolzard (MagiRanger), GekiViolet (GekiRanger), Go-OnBlack (Go-Onger), Jyuoh The World (Jyuohger) and OokamiBlue (KyuuRanger).
    • Reptile-themed Sentai member: Mele (GekiRanger), ShinkenPink (Shinkenger), GoseiBlack (Goseiger), ChameleonGreen (KyuuRanger) and HebitsukaiSilver (KyuuRanger).
    • Rhino-themed Sentai member: Green Sai (Liveman), GekiChopper (GekiRanger) and Jyuoh The World (Jyuohger).
    • Fish-themed Sentai member: VulShark (Sun Vulcan), GaoBlue (GaoRanger) GoseiBlue and GoseiGreen (Goseiger), Jyuoh Shark (Jyuohger) and KajikiYellow (KyuuRanger).
      • Aquatic mammal-themed Sentai member: Blue Dolphin (Liveman), HurricaneBlue (Hurricaneger) and Go-OnGreen (Go-Onger)
    • Beetle-themed Sentai member: Gouraigers (Hurricaneger), Beet Buster/Gold Beet and Stag Buster/Silver Stag (Go-Busters).
    • Pre-historic themed Sentai member: MammothRanger (ZyuRanger), AbareKiller (Abaranger), KyouryuuBlack, KyouryuuBlue, KyouryuuGreen, KyouryuuCyan, KyouryuuGrey, KyouryuuViolet and Deathryuger (Kyouryuuger).
      • Tyrannosaurus-themed Sentai member: TyrannoRanger (ZyuRanger), TimeFire (TimeRanger), AbaRed (Abaranger), ShinkenRed (Shinkenger), Gokai Silver (Gokaiger) and KyouryuuRed (Kyouryuuger).
      • Triceratops-themed Sentai member: TriceraRanger (ZyuRanger), AbareBlue (Abaranger) and KyouryuuPink (Kyoryuuger).
      • Pteranodon-themed Sentai member: PteraRanger (ZyuRanger), AbareYellow (Abaranger) and KyouryuuGold (Kyouryuuger).
      • Brachiosaurus-themed Sentai member: AbareBlack (Abaranger) and KyouryuuSilver (Kyouryuuger).
    • Dragon-themed Sentai member: ChangeDragon (Changeman), DragonRanger (ZyuRanger), RyuuRanger (DaiRanger), ShinkenBlue (Shinkenger), GoseiRed (Goseiger) and RyuuCommander (KyuuRanger).
    • Mermaid-themed Sentai member: ChangeMermaid (Changeman) and MagiBlue (MagiRanger).
    • Pegasus-themed Sentai member: ChangePegasus (Changeman) and TenmaRanger (DaiRanger).
    • One-shots Sentai member: KirinRanger (DaiRanger)(Qilin), NinjaBlack (Kakuranger)(frog), ShinkenGold (Shinkenger)(lobster), Yellow Buster/Yellow Rabbit (Go-Busters)(rabbit), Jyuoh Elephant (Jyuohger)(elephant) and SasoriOrange (KyuuRanger)(scorpion).
  • Vehicles
    • Racing car-themed Sentai member: TurboRed (TurboRanger), Red Racer (CarRanger), BoukenBlack (Boukenger), Go-OnRed (Go-Onger), GokaiGreen (Gokaiger) and Red Buster (Go-Busters).
    • Truck/trailer-themed Sentai member: Maskmen (2nd mecha), TurboBlack (TurboRanger), GoYellow (GoGo-V), DekaGreen and DekaYellow (DekaRanger), GokaiYellow (Gokaiger) and Blue Buster (Go-Busters).
    • Jet-themed Sentai member: JAKQ, Denjimen, VulEagle (Sun Vulcan), GoggleRed (Goggle V), Biomen, Flashmen, Red Mask and Yellow Mask (Maskman), Jetmen, MegaRangers, TimeRangers, DekaRangers (2nd mecha), BoukenRed (Boukenger)(as pilot), Go-OnSilver (Go-Onger), GoseiPink (Goseiger), GokaiBlue (Gokaiger) and Stag Buster (Go-Busters).
    • Gyro-themed Sentai member: GoGreen (GoGo-V), DekaBlue (DekaRanger) and BoukenBlue (Boukenger).
    • Helicopter-themed Sentai member: ChangeGriffin and ChangeMermaid (Changeman), Pink Mask (Maskman), Shurikenger (Hurricaneger), Go-OnGold (Go-Onger) and Yellow Buster (Go-Busters).
    • Airplane-themed Sentai member: HurricaneRed (Hurricaneger), GoseiRed (Goseiger).
    • Police car-themed Sentai member: Blue Racer (CarRanger), DekaRed (DekaRanger), BoukenSilver (Boukenger) and Go-OnBlack (Go-Onger).
    • Dumper-themed Sentai member: Goggle Yellow (Goggle V), Green Racer (CarRanger), BoukenRed (Boukenger) and GoseiKnight (Goseiger).
    • Buggy-themed Sentai member: TurboYellow (TurboRanger), DekaGold (DekaRanger) and Go-OnYellow (Go-Onger).
    • Motorcycle-themed Sentai member: - DekaBreak (DekaRanger), Go-OnGreen (Go-Onger) and Go-Busters (3rd mecha).
    • Pick-up/Van-themed Sentai member: TurboBlue and TurboPink (TurboRanger), Green Racer and Yellow Racer (CarRanger).
    • Fire truck-themed Sentai member: Red Racer (CarRanger), GoRed (GoGo-V) and BoukenSilver (Boukenger).
    • Ambulance-themed Sentai member: Pink Racer (CarRanger), GoPink (GoGo-V) and BoukenSilver (Boukenger).
    • Train-themed Sentai member: GoGo V's (2nd mecha), MagiShine (MagiRanger), Go-OnRed (Go-Onger), GoseiBlack (Goseiger) and Toqgers.
    • Submarine-themed Sentai member: BoukenPink (Boukenger), GoseiBlue (Goseiger) and GokaiPink (Gokaiger).
    • Ship-themed Sentai member: Boukengers (2nd mecha), GoseiKnight (Goseiger) and GokaiRed (Gokaiger).
    • Dozer-themed Sentai member: Yellow Racer (CarRanger), BoukenYellow (Boukenger) and GoseiYellow (Goseiger).
    • Crane-themed Sentai member: BoukenBlack (Boukenger)(as pilot) and Beet Buster (Go-Busters).
    • Tank-themed Sentai member: Goggle Blue (Goggle V), Red Flash (Flashman), Blue Mask (Maskman), Five Blue & Five Pink (Fiveman) and MegaRangers.
    • Drill-themed Sentai member: Black Mask (Maskman) and BoukenYellow (Boukenger)(as pilot).