Mitsuki Kaoru

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Mitsuki Kaoru
Japanese 御月 カオル
Actor Hijii Mika
Age 22 (At start of series)
Other names Saejima Kaoru
Series Garo
First appearance Garo 01

御月 カオル

The female protagonist of Garo.

Played by Hijii Mika (肘井美佳).

As a child, played by Katsuchi Kanami (甲地夏波).

She is a 22 year-old aspiring artist who's always having trouble making money.


Meeting Kouga, Kaoru ends up being stained by the blood of Horrors with Kouga sparing her life instead of killing her. Unaware of her condition, or Kouga's reasons, Kaoru ends up unknowingly helping the Makai Knight at times as Horror bait. To keep taps on her, due to her bad luck in attracting Horrors, Kouga has Kaoru wear a ring created from Zaruba's being.

After being evicted from her house and accidentally making her friend Asuna sick while temporarily freeloading, Kaoru moves into the Saejiima estate while intending to earn her keep. Having developed feelings for Kouga, Kaoru is devastated when she found out Kouga used her as Horror bait before eventually forgiving him prior to the Makai Knight saving her life with the Varancas fruit.

However, while trying to complete the last page of her father's book, Barago abducts Kaoru to enact the ritual to summon Messiah before Kouga save her and thwarts the scheme. Soon after, Kaoru leaves for Italy to further her art studies, finishing the last page of one of his father's Golden Knight picture book and giving it to Kouga. Though the last page looks like, it nonetheless brought Kouga to tears.

She was seen painting a picture in the Saejima estate, welcoming Kouga home and seen holding hands with him.

She becomes a regular visitor to the Saejima estate and works on publishing her own picture book based on the inspiration of her experiences throughout the second series, "The White Spirit Beast and the Mysterious Forest".

Having gone through many hardships with Kouga, she has come to understand him enough to be able see through his stoicism much like Gonza, and now far more willing to put up with his antics.

Forced to part ways with Kouga again when he leaves to uphold his end of the bargain with Gajari, apparently Kaoru is reunited with him at the very end, when a golden light appears before her, much to her joy.