Yamagatana Tsubasa

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Actor: Yamamoto Shouma

Armor color: White

First appearance: Garo Beast of the White Night

His name means "mountain-blade wing".


Starts off cold and stoic, even more so than Kouga at the start of the Garo series. Over the course of the special, he warms up and shows that he deeply cares for his little sister.


Has a little sister named Yamagatana Rin, who is a Makai Priest in training.

White Night Knight Dan[edit]


Suit Actor:

A Makai Knight of the Kantai region. Mainly fights with a spear.

The kanji for his name means "strike nothing".

Madou Horse Hayate[edit]


Name and sketch can be seen in the design booklet that came with Beast of the White Night's special DVD.

Hayate means Gale in Japanese.