Saejima Kouga

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Saejima Kouga
Japanese 冴島鋼牙
Actor Konishi Ryousei
Disappeared A few years after Raiga was born
Status Missing
Other names Garo
Series Garo
First appearance Garo 01
Allegiance Makai Knight
Title Golden Knight Garo
Successor Saejima Raiga
Partner(s) Madou Ring Zaruba
Children Saejima Raiga


The protagonist of Garo. The one who inherited the title of Garo.

Played by Konishi Ryousei (小西遼生).

As a child, played by Sawahata Ryuusei (澤畠流星).

A slightly unsociable person who always keeps his feelings to himself and puts up a deadpan face all the time, yet possesses a noble and kind heart.


His father was the one who started his training at an early age and he still trains on a daily basis to sharpen his skills. Since childhood, originally having a naive view of the world, Kouga was raised by his father Taiga whom he respected despite him not to associate with anyone besides Jabi, Makai Priest Amon, and butler Gonza while hunting Horrors.

But after causing his father's death by who he thought was a Horror, a devastated Kouga is assured by Zaruba as he convey Taiga's final thoughts: Take the title of Garo and to be brave.


Golden Knight Garo[edit]

Golden Knight Garo
Japanese 黄金騎士・牙狼
Alt identity Saejima Kouga
Other names Garo
Series Garo
First appearance Garo 01
Allegiance Makai Knight

As Garo, his armor helps protect him from damaging blows, but his armor isn't unbreakable. If a Horror is strong enough, they can damage and injure Kouga. Should the armor be exposed to a very powerful blow the armor will retract before the 99.9-second time limit. With Garo Ken, transformed from Kouga's Makai Ken, Garo can cut down almost anything and only a rare few Horrors are strong enough to resist its force.