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  • Hibino Mirai / Ultraman Mebius - Igarashi Shunji ヒビノ・ミライ/ウルトラマンメビウス - 五十嵐 隼士
    • Secretly Ultraman Mebius in disguise, he came to Earth to protect it after being told to do so by the Ultra Father. As a human, he is a jolly and friendly person, always looking to make friends.
  • Aihara Ryuu - Nishina Masaki アイハラ・リュウ - 仁科 克基
    • The only surviving member of the original CREW GUYS JAPAN, he is cold to others after the events leading to the death of his original crewmates, although he is actually a good person who is serious about defending Earth.
  • Kazama Marina - Saikawa Ai / Koike Ayamu (Child) カザマ・マリナ - 斉川 あい
    • A former motorcycle racer, Marina quit her racing team to join GUYS. She has an ability to pick up even the smallest of sounds, which proves beneficial, although also deterimental at times.
  • Ikaruga George - Watanabe Daisuke イカルガ・ジョージ - 渡辺 大輔
    • A former soccer star, he had to temporarily retire from the game when he injured his leg. Although his doctor told him that he had recovered at the start of the series, he eventually joined GUYS instead after a series of events. He has extremely quick reflexes and eyes as a former soccer player, and likes mixing Spanish into his sentences.
  • Amagai Konomi - Hirata Misato アマガイ・コノミ - 平田 弥里
    • A former preschool teacher, she left her job to join GUYS after deciding that it was the best way to protect the children that she loves.
  • Kuze Teppei - Uchino Kenta クゼ・テッペイ - 内野 謙太
    • Originally studying to become a doctor, he decided to help out at GUYS first, putting aside his ambitions. His extensive knowledge of past monsters, aliens and Ultramen helps his team prepare and strategise their assaults against the monsters.
  • Sakomizu Shingo - Tanaka Minoru サコミズ・シンゴ - 田中 実
    • The new Captain of CREW GUYS JAPAN after former Captain Serizawa Kazuya was seemingly killed when his plane crashed in the first episode.


  • Adjutant Toriyama - Ishii Kenichi トリヤマ 補佐官 - 石井 愃一
    • The adjutant to the mysterious Commissioner of GUYS JAPAN, he is the one who usually conveys orders from the top of the command to CREW GUYS JAPAN. Despite his rank, he is rather incompetant, lazy and careless.
  • Adjutant's Secretary Maru - Maido Yutaka マル 補佐官秘書 - まいど 豊
    • The Adjutant's secretary, who follows him around. He often corrects the adjutant's speech mistakes, much to his annoyance.
  • Misaki Yuki - Ishikawa Saaya ミサキ・ユキ - 石川 紗彩
    • The Deputy and Acting Commissioner of GUYS JAPAN. She usually speaks confidently when giving orders and is very respected by Adjutant Toriyama, and seems to be the only one in the base who knows about the secret identity of the Commissioner.

GUYS JAPAN Supporting Staff

  • Maintenance Chief Araiso - Watabiki Katsuhiko アライソ 整備長 - 綿引 勝彦
    • The man in charge of overseeing the repair of the planes of CREW GUYS JAPAN. He is extremely skilled in his work, and planes personally repaired by him boast high performance.
  • Hinode Sayuri - Miho Jun 日ノ出 サユリ - 美保 純
    • The lunch lady of the cafeteria in the Phoenix Nest. She is concerned about the health of all members of GUYS JAPAN, and cooks nutritious and delicious food for everyone.


  • Isana Hiroshi - Murakami Kohei 勇魚 洋 - 村上 幸平
    • Once a protege of Maintenance Chief Araiso, he decided to apply and switch to being a crew member of CREW GUYS OCEAN.

GUYS General Headquarters

  • Supreme General Chancellor Takenaka - Sahara Kenji タケナカ 最高総議長 - 佐原 健二
    • The supreme commander of all of GUYS. He is a long-time buddy of Captain Sakomizu Shingo.

National Security Agency

  • Inspector Shiki - Saitou Yousuke シキ 査察官 - 斎藤 洋介
    • A sour-faced and serious-looking inspector from the National Security Agency.


  • Serizawa Kazuya - Ishikawa Shin セリザワ・カズヤ - 石川 真
    • The former captain of CREW GUYS JAPAN. In Episode 01, he and Aihara Ryuu were the last crew members alive when all their other comrades were killed in action. When their plane was hit, Serizawa ejected Ryuu and said his last words to him, to "take care of GUYS", before seemingly dying when the plane crashed.
  • Professor Fujisawa Asami - Ishibashi Kei フジサワ・アサミ 博士 - 石橋 けい
    • A genius scientist, who invented various technologies for GUYS.
  • Ban Hiroto - Igarashi Shunji バン・ヒロト - 五十嵐 隼士
    • A member of space freighter Arandas, who sacrificed his life to save his other crew members.
  • Kuze Keiko - Hayashi Hiroko クゼ・ケイコ - 林 寛子
    • Kuze Teppei's mother. She is an overprotective mother to Teppei, and was opposed to his involvement in GUYS when she first found it out, but over the course of events, eventually accepted his decision.
  • Kadokura - Kagemaru Shigeki カドクラ - 影丸 茂樹
    • The team manager of Kazama Marina's former motorcycle racing team. Even though Marina quit the team in order to join GUYS, he still cares about her.
  • Hirukawa Mitsuhiko - Kato Kosei ヒルカワ・ミツヒコ - 加藤 厚成
    • An unscrupulous gossip magazine writer, who tried to find out about the secrets of GUYS JAPAN, including the identity of Ultraman Mebius. He often writes dirty and defamatory articles.
  • Fantom-seijin - Kawazu Yasuhiko (voice) ファントン星人 - 川津泰彦(声)
    • A friendly alien who came to Earth in search of his planet's lost emergency food supply.
  • Psychokino-seijin Kako - Takamune Ayumi サイコキノ星人カコ - 高宗 歩未
    • A mischievious alien who, together with her friends, came to Earth to play pranks on the humans.