Ultraman Taro (Character)

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Ultraman Taro
Japanese ウルトラマンタロウ
Actor 長沢寛 Suit
Shinoda Saburou Voice
Alt identity Higashi Koutarou
Other names Ultraman T
Ultraman Tarou
Series Ultraman Taro
First appearance Ultraman Taro 01
Originally from Nebula M78
Predecessor Ultraman Ace
Successor Ultraman Leo

Ultraman Leo / Higashi Koutarou of Ultraman Taro. He is the son of Ultra Father and Ultra Mother.

Also known as Ultraman T in Japanese. The name is actually pronounced Tarou in Japanese.

Post Series[edit]

Higashi Koutarou split off from Ultraman Taro at the end of the series, as he wanted to live on as a normal human. Therefore, Ultraman Taro did not have a human appearance when he appears in Ultraman Mebius later.