Ultraman Mebius (Character)

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Ultraman Mebius
Japanese ウルトラマンメビウス
Actor Wada Sanshirou Suit
Iwata Hideyoshi Suit
Yamamoto Satoshi Suit
Igarashi Shunji Voice
Alt identity Hibino Mirai
Series Ultraman Mebius
First appearance Ultraman Mebius 01
Originally from Nebula M78
Predecessor Ultraman 80

Ultraman Mebius / Hibino Mirai of Ultraman Mebius.

Basic Powers[edit]

Mebius Brave[edit]


Mebius Burning Brave[edit]


Mebius Infinity[edit]


Mebius Phoenix Brave[edit]


Mebius Glitter[edit]



  • Since the Mebius Brace can be unsummoned and summoned at will, this means that it cannot be stolen. This is a common weakness of many other Ultramen when they lose or get their transformation items stolen by enemies.


  • Weak to the cold (As seen in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Chronicles)
  • 3 minute transform time limit on Earth
  • Since Ultraman Mebius and Hibino Mirai are basically the same being, any damage taken by either form will be transferred when he changes form. This is seen in Episode 03 when Mebius is poisoned by Birdon.