Tanaka Minoru

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田中 実

(1966-10-27)October 27, 1966 - April 25, 2011(2011-04-25) (aged 44)

Blood Type O


  • Was married in 1993. Has a son and a daughter.
  • On April 2011 (2011-04T25), his manager and mother discovered that he had himself hung in his home.

Anecdotes without citations[edit]

  • Apparently the setting for his Mebius character, Sakomizu, was that he liked horse racing, and would have a red pencil sticking out from behind his ear. Since this didn't seem suitable for kids, it was changed so that he liked coffee, and would have coffee beans on reserve.
  • He starred in a lot of period dramas, so he's well-versed in etiquette. So when Mebius actor, Igarashin Shunji, didn't know that he was not supposed to step on the tatami's edge, he was given a scolding.




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