UltraSeven (Character)

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Japanese ウルトラセブン
Actor Uenishi Kouji Suit
Kikuchi Eiichi Suit
Moritsugu Kohji Voice
Alt identity Moroboshi Dan
Series UltraSeven
First appearance Episode 01
Originally from Nebula M78
Predecessor Ultraman
Successor Ultraman Jack

UltraSeven / Moroboshi Dan of UltraSeven.


Psychokinesis Skills[edit]

  • Eye Slugger アイスラッガー
  • Ultra Knock Tactic ウルトラノック戦法
  • Ultra Psychokinesis ウルトラ念力
Can be used in his human form. Uses extreme concentration which is able to put enemies in a daze. However, this technique shortens UltraSeven's lifespan.

Beam Techniques[edit]

  • Emelium Beam エメリウム光線
  • Wide Shot ワイドショット
  • Ultra Shot ウルトラショット
  • Hand Shot ハンディショット
  • Wedge Beam ウェッジ光線
  • Shakehand Beam シェイクハンド光線
  • Stop Beam ストップ光線
  • Eye Beam アイビーム
  • Ultra Spiral Beam ウルトラスパイラルビーム
  • Chain Beam チェーンビーム
  • Hand Beam ハンドビーム
  • Line Beam ラインビーム
  • Shuriken Beam 手裏剣光線
  • Break Beam ブレーク光線
  • Double Beam ダブルビーム


  • No transform time limit. UltraSeven's transformation is not limited by time, but by energy left in him. Using too much energy will cause the Beam Lamp on his forehead to blink.
  • Has an ability to see through objects even in human form.
  • If unable to transform, UltraSeven is able to summon Capsule Monsters, monsters summonable from small pocketable capsules, to fight for him.


  • The Ultra Eye can be easily stolen or lost. Without it, Dan cannot transform into UltraSeven.
  • Various environmental effects can render the Ultra Eye temporarily unusable, such as jammers by aliens.
  • Weak to the cold (As seen in Episode 25)
  • Since UltraSeven and Moroboshi Dan are basically the same being, any damage taken by either form will be transferred when he changes form.


  • A quick recap of his skills is available in the opening scene of Episode 39.
  • UltraSeven uses an energy known as Magnelium. This was explained in Episode 40.
  • UltraSeven lost his Ultra Eye on 4 occasions. On 3 occasions, it was stolen by aliens. On the remaining, he dropped it in a heavy snowstorm.

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