Kamen Rider Den-O Supporting Characters

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The following are the supporting characters from the Kamen Rider Den-O series.

DenLiner Crew



Actor: Shiratori Yuriko

Hana is a Singular Point from the future. She is the only one left when the timeline was disrupted and destroyed the future. She was picked up by Owner and has been living on the DenLiner ever since. She blames the Imgains for destroying her timeline, and has dedicated her life to fight them. When she came across the present Singular Point Nogami Ryoutarou, she immediately convinced him to become Kamen Rider Den-O to fight the Imagins. She hates all Imagins, including Momotaros and Urataros even though they are helping with the fight, she doesn't treat them kindly. However, when she meet Kintaros she finds herself sympathetic toward his situation, of not being able to grant his contract holder's wish and eventually sacrificing himself to save the contract holder. She seems to soften up a bit towards the Den-O Imagins after this. She is even sadden and cried when Urataros, Kintaros and Ryuutaros disappeared due to the events happened in the movie.

It is later revealed that she is Sakurai Yuuto and Nogami Airi's daughter. To protect the future, her parents hide her from the Imagins by erasing her from everyone's memory. Because of this her timeline disappeared, but even when no one remembers her, her existence is not affected due to her being a Singular Point. She remains as a link to the future, so no matter what the Imagins do, the timeline will connect to the human race's future instead of the Imagin's future.

Hana is extremely strong, even able to take down Kintaros with one hit. She often uses this to discipline the Imagins on the DenLiner when they get out of line.

Actor: Matsumoto Tamaki
First appearance: Episode 33
Basically Hana, but in a younger body.
Halfway through the series, a new railway line that links to the future has appeared. But the line is not connected to the present yet, still pending on the outcome of the current battle. This new development has affected Hana and causes her to shrink to a child's body, though her mind and memories are not affected. She dubs the name "Kohana" and poses as Hana's sister when moving around the real world.
Trivia: Depending on the kanji, Kohana can mean "little Hana".

Behind the scenes

The main reason for Kohana's appearance was because the actress for Hana got health problems from overwork and stopped showing up for filming. There are several episodes where Hana's character doesn't appear at all. Eventually she was written out of the script and Kohana was introduced. Toei said that the plan was to add Kohana all along, but it's unknown how the series would have changed if the original actress for Hana had stayed on the series.



Actor: Akiyama Rina

Naomi is the train conductor and the manager of the dining car. She checks the ticket or pass when a passenger boards the DenLiner. She also make the announcements when the DenLiner reaches a train station. Naomi mainly serves coffee in the dining car, but also serves fried rice with a flag for Owner, and cakes and puddings for special occasions.

In one of the cut scenes, it is shown that the colorful cream on her coffee is made of salt and pepper, among other things. Adding different ingredients into the coffee also has different effects on the Imagins. For example, adding red pepper would make Momotaros fall asleep, and adding wasabi causes the Imagins to get drunk.

Trivia: Akiyama Rina acted in other tokusatsu shows such as Kazaya Mana in Kamen Rider Agito. She also had a cameo in the Ryuki Movie as an amusement park staff and a female cop in Kiva Movie. She had a guest role as Eve on Boukenger Task 43.



Actor: Ishimaru Kenjiro

The Owner of DenLiner, he is the one that keeps everything on the train in order. His rule is any passenger with a pass or ticket is allowed to stay the train, as long as they do not cause any trouble in the car. He allows the Imagins to stay on the train because Momotaros, Urataros and Kintaros share Ryoutarou's pass, and Ryuutaros has his own ticket. Though he often need to stop the Imagins from fighting in the train from time to time. Another rule of his is not to disturb the flow of time. He is straight when it comes to this matter and warns Ryoutarou and the Imagins not to do so when they go to the past. He possess the "Denial of Passage" card that can force anyone off the train if they break the aforementioned rules. Anyone banished from the DenLiner will wander in time eternally.

The Owner is a mysterious character in that not a lot is known about him. He may be a Singular Point because his memories, along with Ryoutarou's and Hana's, are not affected when the timeline changes. He knows a lot about time and the flow of time, often speak in riddles when it comes to the nature of time. Owner also display combat ability as he is able to dodge attacks from Momotaros and resist the mind control technique of Ryuutaros. In the Ore, Tanjou! movie, he is able to break the cell holding the Imagins with a toothpick flag acting as dart.

His hobby is eating dishes of fried rice without knocking over the flag placed in the middle of the rice. His rival of this game is the Station Master. They would hold a competition every time they meet, though the Station Master is often the one to come out top.

Milk Dipper

Milk Dipper is a library cafe and home to Nogami Ryoutarou and his sister Airi. They keep a telescope in the cafe as decoration, which is a memento of Sakurai Yuuto.

Nogami Airi


Actor: Matsumoto Wakana

Nogami Airi is the owner of Milk Dipper. She has been taking care of Ryoutarou ever since their parents died. She's good at making coffee, and often humanize the coffee as hard at work. She attracts a group of fans the visits the cafe often, including Miura Isse and Ozaki Seigi.

She was the fiancee of Sakurai Yuuto, but when Ryoutarou found her by the lake one day, she has forgotten everything about Sakurai. Ryoutarou has been trying to restore her memory ever since. It is later revealed that she knows about the war against the Imagins and that her fiance Sakurai is Kamen Rider Zeronos. Her amnesia is orchestrated by herself and Sakurai deliberately to hide the future Junction Point, their unborn daughter Hana, from the Imagins.

Miura Isse


Actor: Ueno Ryou

Miura is a self-dubbed super counselor and a regular customer of Milk Dipper. He often fights with Ozaki to get Nogami Airi's attention. He seems to be the only one in the real world aware of Ryoutarou being possessed by Imagins. He thinks Ryoutarou is possessed by evil spirits and once attempts to rid the evil spirits using hypnotization. Unknown to him, the hypnotism forces Ryuutaros, who is hiding in Ryoutarou's subconscious, to reveal himself.

Ozaki Seigi


Actor: Tagata Akira

Ozaki is a journalist and a regular customer of Milk Dipper. He often fights with Miura to get Nogami Airi's attention. He often makes fun of Miura's spiritual beliefs, mocking them as "occultism". Ryoutarou and Hana sometimes gets information from him about strange things happening around the city, which is most likely Imagin's doing.

Ironically, Seigi means "justice" in Japanese, but Ozaki is probably one of the sleaziest human characters in the show. He will do anything to get Airi's attention for himself.

Terminal Station

Terminal station is a station in time that observes the Junction Point to the future. Among its facilities is a waiting room, a shopping mall and a children's playground. All the souvenirs sold in the station have the Stationmaster's face on them. The terminal is not stationary and can move around since the Junction Point can appear anywhere. The station can transform into KingLiner, a train larger and faster than DenLiner and ZeroLiner.


駅長 (Ekichō)

Actor: Ishimaru Kenjiro

The Stationmaster is the one in charge of the terminal. He looks exactly like Owner, though the two usually brush the comment off as "It's just your imagination". Since he looks similar to Owner, he sometimes acts as Owner's double to fool the enemies. He and Owner has a "fried rice competition" every time they meet, and he is usually the one to win.

His catchphrase is "This is a service."