Kamen Rider Gotchard Hyper Battle DVD

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TV-Kun Hyper Battle DVD Kamen Rider Gotchard: What'll We Do!? Houtarou and Rinne Swapped Bodies!!

てれびくん超バトルDVD「仮面ライダーガッチャード どうする!?宝太郎とりんねがいれかわっちゃった!!


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  • Rinne's books include:
    • Nadeshiko Self-Protection - Combining the essence of being a Japanese lady with fighting
    • My Fair Combat - Like My Fair Lady, but more violent
    • Sunshine Mask Grappling Techniques - From the Wrestler G story
  • Apparently Rinne is a fan of fantasy, since she considered Galahad from Knights of the Roundtable and Elfriede for potential Rider names. As well as Wind, which her father eventually takes. Apparently she settled on Majade (Majard?) which combines Majesty and Card. Majard would make more sense since all the Riders in this series end in the letter d (Gotchard, Dread, Valvarad). Even these names that she considers also all end in a "do" sound in Japanese.
  • Other Rider names Kudou considered:
    • Kamen Rider Creed クリィード
    • Kamen Rider Delayed ディレード
    • Kamen Rider Rezard レザード
    • Kamen Rider Aid エイド
    • Kamen Rider Elfriede エルフリード
    • Kamen Rider Galahad ガラハッド
    • Kamen Rider Genaid ジェネイド
    • Kamen Rider Ride ライド
    • Kamen Rider Wind ウインド