Kamen Rider Gotchard 28

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Episode 28
Lickity Ghost Story! Renge Returns Home
Kamen Rider Gotchard episode
Writer Inoue Akiko
Director Taguchi Kiyotaka
Action Director Fukuzawa Hirofumi
Original air date March 24, 2024 (2024-03-24)
Viewership N/A
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Fan Rating 4 / 5
Episode chronology
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Episode 27
Gotcha! CrossHopper!
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Episode 29
The Village is Crying
Episode List
Kamen Rider Gotchard
< Ep 27 Lickity Ghost Story! Renge Returns Home
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Aired with Boonboomger Bakuage 04

Important things that happened


Kamen Riders


  • FireMars - 5 of the Cosmic Category, Motifs (Fire and Mars), Voice (Kabe Amon)
  • Berosol - 2 of the Occult Category, Motifs (Lick, parasol, Karakase obake), Voice (Taguchi Kiyotaka)
  • Carery - 1 of the Occult Category, Motifs (Care + Fairy, maybe Carrie), Voice (Fukuen Misato)


Karakasa Obake Malgam


Karakasaobake malgamstand.jpg

Chemy: Berosol
User: Landshark
Voiced by: Nishina Takashi
Suit actor: Tsutamune Masato
Height: 215.3cm
Weight: 94.4kg
Characteristics: Flexible tongue, amplifying fear, spinning (伸縮自在の舌/恐怖心の増幅/回転力)
Appearances: Ep 28


Fairy Malgam


Fairy malgamstand.jpg

Chemy: Carery
User: Landshark
Voiced by: Onikura Ryudai
Suit actor: Iguchi Naoya
Height: 201.0cm
Weight: 88.3kg
Characteristics: Improves health, relieves fatigue, explosive (活力増強/疲労回復/爆発)
Appearances: Ep 28





  • Ride Kamens

Songs Used


  • According to Minoru, they have 78 of the 101 Chemys.
  • The village is named Kokonotsu Village (九ツ村) which means Ninth Village. Maybe a part of the 1/9 paradigm throughout this series like in Gotchard's card numbers when transforming or Houtarou or Rinne's family names.
  • Kajiki calls himself Pandora Kajiki in this arc. Maybe a nod to Sancho Panza who was the sidekick to Don Quixote?
  • 80 degrees Celsius is 176 degrees Fahrenheit
  • In Japanese the planets are written with elemental kanji. So when Hoshino is calling out water, wood, metal, earth, their respective planets are Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. Fire is Mars which joins last.
    • Hoshino refers to fire as the fifth element, which might be a nod to the movie of the same name.
  • Starshine Hoshino is a funny name since Hoshino means "from the stars". Since hoshi can refer to stars or planets, it might be argued that his powers actually come from planets.
  • Starshine Hoshino is played by Aoyagi Takaya who has guested on Drive and W and Ultraman. Recently, he was the main villain in Yodonna The Final.
  • The village chief is played by veteran stunt actor Kitagawa 2tom .


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