Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger 10 YEARS AFTER

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Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger 10 YEARS AFTER
忍風戦隊ハリケンジャー 10 YEARS AFTER
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Director Watanabe Katsuya
Writer Miyashita Junichi
Composer Miyake Kazunori
Studio Toei Company
Distributor Toei Video
Release date(s) August 9, 2013 (2013-08-09)
Running time 51 minutes
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Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger
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忍風戦隊ハリケンジャー 10 YEARS AFTER
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A V-Cinema for the series Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger, to commemorate the 10th anniversary.


It took place 10 years after the the final episode.

After the final battle, all the ninja academies are united under the banner of Galactic Ninja Alliance, and our heroes went their separate ways. Ten years later, the Alliance’s branches across the world are being attacked by a mysterious black ninja. The culprit only left behind one message.

"The battle from 10 years ago was a mistake."

Returning Characters

Shiina Yousuke / HurricaneRed (椎名鷹介 / ハリケンレッド)
He has been traveling the world, running charity efforts.
Nono Nanami / HurricaneBlue (野乃七海 / ハリケンブルー)
She's still working in the entertainment industry, and is aiming for an actress role in Hollywood.
Bitou Kouta / HurricaneYellow (尾藤吼太 / ハリケンイエロー)
He's married and had two kids.
Kasumi Ikkou / KabutoRaiger (霞一甲 / カブトライジャー)
He's formed an idol group with 5 others and perform their songs in clubs.
Kasumi Isshuu / KuwagaRaiger (霞一鍬 / クワガライジャー)
Hinata Mugensai (日向無限斎)
He stations in the Alliance Headquarters, along with his daughter Oboro.
Hinata Oboro (日向おぼろ)
She stations in the Alliance Headquarters, along with his father Mugensai.
Furabijou (フラビージョ)
Jakanja's 1st Spear. She helps Bat ze Rumba to steal the Shinobi Medals.
Wendiinu (ウェンディーヌ)
Jakanaja's 4th Spear. She helps Bat ze Rumba to look after Tenkai.
Hase (馳太)
Nanami's manager since her debut. He seems to be running a larger Talent Agency now.

New Characters

Tenkai (天界)
Literally means Heaven. Tenkai is a 10 years old boy Yuusuke met half a year ago. He was actually born from the Evil Presence the Hurricanegers defeated 10 years ago. Within him dwells the Scared Presence, a power that’s neither good nor evil, but is powerful enough to destroy the world.
Zero Spear - Bat ze Rumba (零の槍バット・ゼ・ルンバ)
"Jankanja, yet not Jakanja. Part of the Seven Darkness Spears and yet not a Seven Darkness Spear"
The main villain of the movie. He aims to obtain the Shinobi Medals in order to awaken the Scared Presence, and with its power reset the world of humans.
Inquiry Head (査問官)
The leader of the Galatic Ninja Alliance and the keeper of Shurikenger’s Shinobi Medal. She looks exactly like Her Majesty who died 10 years ago. Ooboro-san said they are related, but it’s unknown how are they related.
Bitou Suzune (尾藤鈴音) & Bitou Riku (尾藤陸)
Kouta’s daughter and son. They do not know their father is HurricaneYellow.
JUNRetsu (JUN烈)
An idol group which Ikkou belongs to.

Flashback Scenes

There are lots of flashback to the TV series in this movie, listed below in their order of appearance:

  • Scroll 48 Trap and Immortality (罠と永遠の命)
Her Majesty died in Hurricanegers’ arms.
  • Scroll 01 Wind and Ninja (風とニンジャ)
Yousuke, Nanami and Kouta received the Hurricane Gyro changers.
  • Scroll 02 Giant and Karakuri (巨人とカラクリ)
Yousuke thought Nanami and Kouta didn’t want to be Hurricanegers anymore because they took off their Hurricane Gyros, and went into battle alone.
  • Scroll 26 Archery and Beach (弓矢と海水浴)
Jakanja thought humans became weak when falling in love, so they made people fell in love with the first person they saw.
  • Scroll 50 Darkness and New World (暗黒と新世界)
Ooboro-san explained how to counter the Evil Presence before the cave collapsed. With everyone else appeared dead, the Hurricanegers gathered their courage to face the Evil Presence alone.
  • Scroll 51 Wind and Water and Earth (風と水と大地)
After the graduating as ninjas, Yousuke, Nanami and Kouta gathered in the academy’s forest before going their separate paths.
  • Scroll 31 Meteor and the Three Wolves (流星と三匹の狼)
Scroll 32 Death and the Final Secret (死神と最終奥義)
A Space Scorpion egg is lodged in Ikkou's heart. Yousuke purposefully got himself poisoned by another Space Scorpion so the doctors could create an antidote from his blood.



  • The narrator of the TV series, Miyata Hironori (宮田浩徳), voiced Bat ze Rumba. He is also the voice for the mecha Fuuraimaru.
  • Bat ze Rumba speaks in contradictions. He says he's a part of the Seven Spears then he says he isn't. He says he's a Jakanja but that he's not. He also promises to release Tenkai, then says he has to break that promise.
  • Shurikenger is played by junior karate world champion, Hashimoto Takashimi, who also guest starred in Go-Busters episode 39.
  • Junretsu (純烈) is an actual song chorus group in Japan. Four out of six members are past toku actors:
  • Tomoi Yuusuke only appears in the Hurricaneger special as a photograph. He's absent because he had rubella.
  • Matsuda Kayo had retired from the entertainment industry, but made a comeback to play Wendiinu again. She's credited under her real name. Previously her roles as Wendiinu were credited as Fukuzumi Mio.
    • Matsuda Kayo (Fukuzumi Mio) played Tomoi Yuusuke's ex-girlfriend on Kamen Rider Agito, which would have been an interesting reunion if it had happened.
  • JUNRetsu made a reference to Kamen Rider Gills, when they said Tomoi Yuusuke wasn’t absence because he changed into a Green Hero to fight kaijin.
  • During the song, Shirakawa Yuujirou did Gouraiger's henshin pose, and Sakai Kazuyoshi did Gaoranger's henshin pose.
  • The documents on Yousuke’s desk are titled: Cameroon Branch, Egypt Branch, Germany Branch, Hong Kong Branch.
  • The Inquiry Head is played by Miwa Hitomi, the same actress who played Her Majesty (御前様) in the TV series.
  • The scene where Yousuke, Nanami and Kouta share an apple mimics the scene in episode 1 where they shared a persimmon; and in the final episode, where the three shared another persimmon.
  • The song the three sing in the forest is the "Ninpuu Hall School Song".
  • During the fight, Yousuke dressed as a samurai, Nanami dressed as a shamisen player and Kouta dressed as Sakamoto Ryouma.
  • Suzune's name means "the ringing of bells". Riku's name means "land", which fits Kouta's element.


Main Theme
Ima, Kaze no Naka de

Now, In the Wind 「いま,風のなかで」

Insert Songs
Hurricaneger Sanjou!

Hurricaneger Arrive! 「ハリケンジャー参上!」

Shinobi Ai

Shinobi Sorrow 「しのび哀」

Ninpuu-kan Kouka

Ninpuu Hall School Song 「忍風館校歌」



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Link to a scan of the lyrics for songs on the 10 years after bonus CD.

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