MegaRanger 46

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Episode 46
Stop it! The Boat to Hell
Denji Sentai MegaRanger episode
Writer Takegami Junki
Director Tsujino Masato
Original air date January 11, 1998 (1998-01-11)
Viewership 5.8%
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MegaRanger 45
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Denji Sentai MegaRanger
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Important things that happened[edit]


Maboroshi Nejiraa[edit]

Illusion Nejiraa マボロシ ネジラー

Voiced by Chida Yoshimasa





  • The voice on the TV that screams for help sounds just like Bibidebi's.
  • The boat that the MegaRangers try to save is called Sunflower Satsuma. Satsuma is the name of a Japanese province, as well as a type of citrus fruit and a battleship, both named after this province.
  • Maboroshi Nejiraa appears at the Fukuoka Dome and the Sapporo TV Tower. Tokyo is around the center of Japan, while Fukuoka is in the far south, and Sapporo is in the far north, showing the vast distances that Maboroshi Nejiraa can cover.