MegaRanger 37

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Episode 37
Why? Chisato Has an Old Man's Voice
Denji Sentai MegaRanger episode
Writer Arakawa Naruhisa
Director Tasaki Ryuuta
Original air date November 2, 1997 (1997-11-02)
Viewership 9.6%
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Denji Sentai MegaRanger
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Important things that happened[edit]

  • For some reason, the usual staff of Nejirejia are absent (But present in Bibidebi's fantasy) so Bibidebi tries to defeat the MegaRangers by himself.
  • Canary Nejiraa has an old man voice, so he steals Chisato's voice, leading to wacky hijinks.
  • Eventually they defeat the Nejiraa but not in time for the school cultural festival contest. However, their class remained behind so that Chisato could sing for them.


Canary Nejiraa[edit]


Voices - Otsuka Akio 大塚明夫, Tanaka Eri

Possesses the Swap Beam (Torikaekko BIIMU トリカエッコビーム) Possible pun with Tori meaning Bird in Japanese.

When Canary steals the Battle Riser, he uses it to do parody moves of the Riser Punch and Riser Chop called Canary Punch and Canary Chop. These attacks are so weak that the MegaRangers have to feign getting hurt.


Watashi Rashiku Ashita e
Towards My Future 私らしく明日へ
Singer: Jougasaki Chisato (Tanaka Eri)
Guts da ze
One of the bands is singing this song at the contest. The song was popular in Japan and has reappeared in places like the game Ouendan.
Released December 1995, a couple years before MegaRanger aired.
Youtube example


  • Erina - Shigemitsu Emi 恵里奈 - 重光絵美
  • Maki - 篠原友紀 真希 - 篠原友紀
  • Haruka - Kobayashi Akiko - 小林晃子
  • Yasuda - 志村仁志 安田 - 志村仁志
  • Taniguchi - 伊藤啓 谷口 - 伊藤啓



  • When Chisato types in "FAITO" into the computer, it changes into a Japanese emoticon.
  • Chisato's shirt says Scandaleuse.
  • Guest star Kobayashi Akiko went on to do voice acting work, including a guest role on Fairy Musketeers Akazukin.
  • Voice actor Otsuka Akio has also done other Sentai characters, such as Dagon from MagiRanger.
  • Apparently Erina has been in previous episodes and is a series regular. Her nickname for Chisato is Chisa-chi.
  • This is the 23rd cultural festival for Moroboshi Academy.
  • Chisato can't change because of the voice lock. Ironically, the dangerous combined weapon that gets stolen from them isn't voice locked, despite the MegaRangers saying so to trick the Nejiraa.