MegaRanger 36

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Episode 36
Take Off! The Wings of Hope Dancing in Space
はばたけ! 宇宙(そら)に舞う希望の翼
Denji Sentai MegaRanger episode
Writer Kobayashi Yasuko
Director Tsujino Masato
Original air date October 26, 1997 (1997-10-26)
Viewership 7.8%
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MegaRanger 35
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Denji Sentai MegaRanger
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はばたけ! 宇宙(そら)に舞う希望の翼
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Air date: October 26, 1997

Important things that happened[edit]

  • Vice Director Kijima says Yuusaku broke the rules by creating MegaSilver and confiscates the Keitaizer.
  • Condor Nejiraa kidnaps Hayakawa and holds him ransom in exchange for MegaVoyager.
  • The MegaRangers arrive in MegaVoyager, but catch the now giant Condor Nejiraa. They activate the self-destruct, leaving MegaPink to be the most expendable member if it goes off.

New Mecha[edit]

MegaSilver's personal mecha. He can pilot it now that he has removed the time limit from his suit.
Attacks: Winger Cannon

New Combination[edit]

Wing MegaVoyager
Like Red Bull, it gives MegaVoyager wings.
Finisher: Winger Spartan


Condor Nejiraa[edit]


Voiced by Aoyama Yutaka


Vice Director Kijima 来島副長官 - Hisatomi Koreharu 久富 惟晴