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21st Sentai Series
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Jaden Kingdom Nejirejia[edit]

Evil electricity kingdom Nejirejia 邪電王国ネジレジア
Nejirejia comes from "nejiru" 捩じる which means "to screw, to twist".

The enemies in Denji Sentai MegaRanger


Jaden-ou Javius I[edit]


Dr Hinelar[edit]

Name comes from Hineru 捻る which is Japanese for "to twist".
Name ends in a -raa sound.
Real name: Samejima 鮫島
Name means "shark island". Was Kubota's good friend before.


Name probably comes from Shiboru 絞る which means "to wring".


Name probably comes from Yugamu 歪む "to warp, to bend".


His name ends in a -ru sound.



Voiced by Seki Tomokazu

"Gigantifying Virus Injection!"

Nejire Beasts[edit]

Nejire Jyu ネジレ獣

The monsters of the week. Their names tend to end in -re.

Psycho Nejiraa[edit]

Powered up versions of the Nejire Beasts.

Their names end in -raa.


Footsoldier Kunekune 兵士クネクネ

The grunts.
Onomatopoeia for "bending back and forth, wriggling body".

JaDen Sentai NejiRanger[edit]

The NejiRangers

Evil electricity NejiRanger 邪電戦隊ネジレンジャー

First appearance: MegaRanger 38

NejiRed ネジレッド

Voiced by Funatsu Toshio

NejiBlack ネジブラック

Voiced by Yasui Kunihiko

NejiBlue ネジブルー

Voiced by Yamada Yoshiharu

NejiYellow ネジイエロー

Voiced by Katsuki Masako

NejiPink ネジピンク

Voiced by Yamazaki Erina


  • There's a naming pattern which separates classes of villains in MegaRanger. Hinelar and the Pyschonejiraa have names that end in a -raa sound. Gileel's name ends in a -ru sound. The Nejire Beasts have names that end in a -re sound.
  • The name of the kingdom and most of the commanders have names that are twists on Japanese words for twisted, distorted, etc.
  • NejiBlue (Yasui Kunihiko) also did the voice for Braco and Kou on GekiRanger, Ayakashi Gozunagumo on Shinkenger, and an Ant Lord on the Agito movie.
  • NejiYellow (Katsuki Masako) also voiced Sailor Neptune, Seiren on MagiRanger, Phone Braver 2, and Silk Moth Fangire on Kiva.
  • NejiPink (Yamazaki Erina) was also Moth Fangire on Kiva. What a strange reunion with NejiYellow's voice actress, who portrayed Silk Moth Fangire.