MegaRanger 33

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Episode 33
Joy! A Girlfriend from the Moon
ウキウキ! 月から来た恋人
Denji Sentai MegaRanger episode
Writer Arakawa Naruhisa
Director Nagaishi Takao
Original air date October 5, 1997 (1997-10-05)
Viewership 8.2%
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Denji Sentai MegaRanger
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ウキウキ! 月から来た恋人
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Air date: October 5, 1997

Important things that happened[edit]

  • Megumi, a programmer with INET, comes from the moon in search of Kenta.
  • Dr. Hinelar creates a Psychonejiraa, a new breed of monster of the week. Plus Yugande has revived and has a new weapon, the Dark Crisis sword.
    • Dark Crisis Attacks: Dark Fire, Dark Blade, Dark Lightning.
  • Megumi said she likes Kenta's Battle Riser 01 Mode best. In the fight, Kenta tries 01 Riser Punch and 02 Laser Vulcan on Yugande, but they don't work.
  • Lion Nejiraa sets up explosives at vital points across Tokyo. The triggers are in his body, so if the MegaRangers attack him, the corresponding location will blow up.
  • INET discovers a 0.026 second delay between the trigger activating and the explosion, so they propose using the Battle Riser's 03 Mode, which Kenta is unaware of, despite his Battle Riser clearly having three buttons. Theoretically, 03 will make MegaRed's attacks 15 times more powerful.
  • Megumi finds MegaRed and sets up his 03 Mode. This gives him the attack Drill Sniper Custom Full Power!


Lion Nejiraa[edit]


Voiced by Koike Kouji


  • Kawasaki Shougo 川崎 省吾 - Takao Yuuki 田中優樹
  • Takano Megumi 高野恵 - Takahashi Yayoi* 高橋弥生
*Current name is Kuroda Yayoi 黒田 弥生, not to be confused with the voice actress of the same name. Born September 20, 1978.



  • When Megumi tells Kenta that she has a "homemade" present for him that "took six months" to make, she starts rifling through her stuff. He picks up a bag of cookies and concludes that is the present, despite the fact that "six month old cookies" should be ringing warning bells in his mind.
  • The Psychonejiraa end in raa, which is the same sound as Hinelar's lar. It can probably be inferred that there is a hierarchy that is represented by the vowel after the r. Hinelar and Psychonejiraa are at top with a. Gileel ended with a ru. Nejire Beasts end with re.
  • In the previews the MegaRangers comment that their uniforms will be changing now that it's fall and the weather is colder. This is the MegaRanger's first episode in October. And with the season change that also means no more Bon Dancing ending (been gone since episode 30) and a new opening sequence with the second part to the song Denji Sentai MegaRanger (Song).