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Episode 8
My Legend (8)
The Class Reunion Murder: Yabe Kenzou Forever...
わしの伝説 その8
殺人同会 矢謙三よ永遠に…
Keibuho Yabe Kenzou 2 episode
Writer Fukuda Takurou
Director Kimura Hisashi
Original air date August 30, 2013 (2013-08-30)
Viewership 7.1%
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My Legend (7)
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Episode List
Keibuho Yabe Kenzou 2
< My Legend (7) My Legend (8)
わしの最新伝説 その8


  • Saeki Sachiko - Ito Kazue (Child Hagikura Yuuzuki) 佐伯佐智子 - 伊藤かずえ(小学生時代:萩倉悠月)
  • Nagaike Ryouta - Inoue Junichi (Child 中村一輝) 長池涼太 - 井上純一(小学生時代:中村一輝)
  • Tamaru Miki - Ikezu Shoko (Child Omiya Senri) 田丸未紀 - 池津祥子(小学生時代:大宮千莉)
  • Takashima Kouji - Kitayama Masayasu (Child Murayama Kenta) 高嶋幸次 - 北山雅康(小学生時代:村山謙太)
  • Kanda Tomonari - Kosuda Yasuto 神田知也 - 小須田康人
  • Nagaike Shougo - Kubo Akira 長池省吾 - 久保晶
  • Kakisu Hajime - Morimoto Ryoji 垣州肇 - 森本亮治
  • Terukina Tamotsu (Trick guest) - Seto Youichirou 照喜名保 - 瀬戸陽一朗
  • Yamada Naoko (Trick guest) - Nakama Yukie 山田奈緒子 - 仲間由紀恵
  • Kimura Hisashi - Noguchi Kaoru 木村ひさし - 野口かおる
  • Nokiwa Youko (Police Woman) - Sato Mayumi 軒和 洋子 - 佐藤真弓
  • 中田オネミ - Nakada Aki Nakada Onemi - 中田有紀
  • Detective ? - Irizuki Kenichi ●●刑事 - 入月謙一
  • ? - 大久保公人 ? - 大久保公人
  • ? - Uda Takuya ? - 宇田卓也
  • ? - Takahashi Hikaru ? - 高橋光
  • ? - Kanzaki Hajime ? - 神前元
  • ? - 花柳豊三朗 ? - 花柳豊三朗
  • ? - Koteyama Miyabi ? - 小手山雅
  • Opening narration? - Brian Masato Kobo Opening narration? - Brian Masato Kobo
  • Child - 磯井空 Child - 磯井空
  • Child - Ando Kengo Child - 安藤健悟
  • Child - Mizuno Tesshi Child - 水野哲志
  • ? - Misawa Takuto ? - 三澤拓冬
  • ? - 山田隆翔 ? - 山田隆翔
  • Young Yabe - Tanihata Kanato Young Yabe - 谷端奏人
  • Body double - Imai Yasuhiko ? - 今井靖彦

Returning Characters

Kamen Rider References

  • 07:10 There is a big banner hanging from the police station, saying "Great Gathering of All Riders", with the center of "Riders" pixelated.
  • 07:21 Kakisu's actor, Morimoto Ryoji, played Aikawa Hajime (Kamen Rider Chalice) in Kamen Rider Blade. Coincidentally, his given name is Hajime too. Yabe mishears "Kakisu" as "Chalice".
  • 22:03 Yabe calls Kakisu "Hajime-chan", a reference to how Amane calls him in Kamen Rider Blade.
  • 39:42 All of the Kamen Rider actors are back. They do their Rider poses, and Yabe calls them by their Rider names.

Trick References

  • 00:19 This time, Mirai is reading about the Oshimai Village Murder Case - Part II, which is Episode 10 of TRICK -Troisième partie-. "Oshimai" means "finished", which fits with this last episode.
  • 00:25 The Inference Weekly book is titled "Solved! The Black Gate Island Kaminuuri Legend", a reference to the plot of the last two episodes of TRICK -Troisième partie-.
  • 13:28 There is a poster about Yamada Naoko's magic show. Inside, Yamada is performing her boring magic tricks as usual.
  • 13:39 As usual, the only one who cheers is Yamada's number one fan.
  • 14:10 Yamada gets angry when she sees that Mirai is reading about Ueda.
  • 14:25 The candy store master and Mirai laugh at Yamada, like how she is usually laughed at in the Trick series.
  • 15:08 Yamada laughs like how she usually does in the Trick series.
  • 15:12 Mirai calls Yamada flat-chested and a fake magician, like the usual in the Trick series.
  • 43:21 There is a banner advertising Trick the Movie: Last Stage.
  • 45:58 There is a new framed calligraphy in the interrogation room that reads "Next Year's Resolution! Wide Saturday Advance!" which is a reference to Trick the Movie: Last Stage's Saturday premiere.
  • 47:02 Yamada is mispronouncing kanji as usual.
  • 47:51 Yabe mentions the Nationwide Toilet Flushing Movement from Trick the Movie.

Other References

  • 00:37 Koetsuhara City (子悦原市) is a reference to actress Ichihara Estsuko (市原悦子). 市 can be read as "shi" (city) or "ichi".
  • 01:11 Yabe mistakens "Select Shop" for "Time Shock", the name of a game show. Sound from the show can be heard every time he says "Time Shock".
  • 05:54 Yabe makes the same Maeda's cracker pun from Episode 2 again.
  • 10:16 Yabe makes references to characters from detective drama Taiyou ni Hoero, Gori-san and His Majesty.
  • 10:45 There is a t-shirt with Seigigun on it. Seigigun was a wrestling stable in New Japan Pro Wrestling.
  • 11:46 On the top-left of the map, there is a mountain called Mount Christel (クリステル山), and below it, Christel Gawataki/River-waterfall クリステル川滝, a reference to Takigawa Christel.
  • 13:28 On the poster, the last line ends with "cho gozai", a reference to the next episode previews in Ataru.
  • 16:25 Mirai asks if the candy store master is Mister Chin, which is his actor's stage name.
  • 17:46 Fuseika Avenue is a reference to Kaseifu no Mita, a TV drama series.
  • 18:58 Yabe makes references about Jiipan and Shinko, lovers in Taiyou ni Hoero.
  • 23:06 Yabe calls the fortune-teller Keroyon for some reason. Keroyon was a frog from Adventure of the Frog segment in Mokubaza Hour, a puppet show in the 1960s to 1970s.
  • 36:20 Ou Sadaharu was a famous baseball player.
  • 36:26 The extra stroke in 王 (ou) turns it into 玉 (tama).
  • 46:36 Yamada is cheating the candy store master by turning real money into Rainmaker Dollars (see last episode page for explanation).
  • 47:18 Yamada says "Don't think I'll ever let you off for this!" which is the catchphrase of Urami Matarou of the manga Matarou ga Kuru!!.


  • 00:23 This time, Mirai gets a "Mobile Lie Detector" from Inference Weekly.
  • 01:06 The signs behind are about maid recruitment, a reference to the Fuseika Avenue later, because maid = kaseifu.
  • 03:33 There is a new framed calligraphy in the conference room that reads "Great Gathering", a reference to the great gathering of Kamen Rider actors later in the episode.
  • 07:19 Three signs in front of the Koetsuhara Police Station say "Far-Left Violence Control HQ", "Juvenile Delinquency Countermeasure HQ" and "Integrated Gang Countermeasure Implementation HQ".
  • 17:19 The wrestler guy, Makabe Togi, is back from Episode 2, and the same music plays. He still has "Yabe" spray-painted behind his jacket, partially visible in a few frames.
  • 17:37 Yabe calls Makabe Togi a "gorilla man", in reference to his nickname Unchained Gorilla.
  • 18:57 There is a sign about road safety in front of the police station. "Be careful! Kids are the stars when on the road. Why rush? Go slowly on narrow roads!"
  • 19:26 Sachiko says "Kami no Te Uranai" (Hand of God Fortune-Telling) and Yabe mishears it as "kami no ke uranai" (hair will not sell).
  • 30:14 The nerdy actor is back as a customer in Nagaike's shop. Painted on his forehead is "to-su-ra", which is "ra-su-to" (last) backward.
  • 34:49 Yabe says that Nagaike is demoted to Private 3rd Class, but Private 2nd Class is already the lowest, because Private 3rd Class rank was abolished in 1942.
  • 45:46 This is where the intro scene is from.