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Episode 3
My Legend (3)
Dangerous Proposal! The Woman Whose Fiancé Always Dies
わしの伝説 その3
険なプロポーズ! 婚約者がぬ女
Keibuho Yabe Kenzou 2 episode
Writer Fukuda Takurou
Director Fujiwara Tomoyuki
Original air date July 26, 2013 (2013-07-26)
Viewership 8.0%
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My Legend (2)
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My Legend (4)
Episode List
Keibuho Yabe Kenzou 2
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わしの最新伝説 その3
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  • Yamakawa Ichiko (32) - Inoue Waka 山川一子 - 井上和香
  • Yoshino Yuutarou - Yamanaka Takashi 吉野裕太郎 - 山中崇
  • Marina - Sharo 真理奈 - Sharo
  • Yarukawa Shigetoku (75) - Abe Rokurou 古川重徳 - 阿部六郎
  • Hoppa Ichirou - Kikawada Masaya 保葉一朗 - 黄川田将也

Kamen Rider References

  • 07:53 Kunikida mispronounces Hoppa's name as Hopper. Hoppa's actor, Kikawada Masaya, played Hopper 1 in Kamen Rider The First. Also, his first name is Ichirou, which sounds like Ichigou AKA the designation for the first Kamen Rider.

Trick References

  • 46:57 There is a new framed calligraphy on the wall which says "Tokiku or Toriku". The first "toriku" is 取九, which is short form for 第九取調室 (9th Interrogation Room), while the second "toriku" is 鳥九, the candy shop's name. Both are puns on "Torikku" (Trick).
  • 48.09 Yabe says that he will solve the next case even faster than the "fake magician Yamada being fired from a magic show".

Other References

  • 05:33 Ichiko's club is named Club Da Chou, a pun on Dachou Club, a comedy trio.
  • 22:37 When Ichikawa is crossing her legs under investigation, it's very similar to a similar scene in the movie Basic Instinct.


  • 02:46 The commissioner points like Daidouji did in Episode 1, complete with the swishing noises.
  • 02:56 The commissioner bumps into the same nerdy scientist from Episode 1.
  • 05:23 There is a framed calligraphy on the wall of the conference room that says "Chaos".
  • 15:31 Yabe chalks up a bill of ¥2,550,000, which was equivalent to ~US$25,587 on July 2013, the air date of the episode.
  • 19:07 Yabe mistakens "tanka" (unit cost) as "tankaa" (tanker), which kind of blows his cover, because he is supposed to be knowledgable about trading.
  • 20:27 When the commissioner showed a five with his palm, Yabe thought he meant ¥500,000 (~US$5,017.06) at first, and the commissioner said that was impossible. So Yabe mistook it even further that the commissioner meant it was too low, and thought it was ¥5,000,000 (~US$50,170.56), when the commissioner meant only ¥50,000 (~US$501.71).
  • 21:44 The forensics left the alphabet signs spelling H-A-G-E. 禿 (hage) means bald, which is why Yabe gets so worked up.
  • 23:27 A man with thunderous footsteps runs past the Toriku shop.
  • 23:45 This time, the bonus materials from Inference Weekly are "Hypnotism Goods".
  • 33:07 ヨシノ = Yo-shi-no in katakana.
山 = Yama
川 = kawa
一 = Ichi
  • 46:57 Yabe mistakens "hashi/chopsticks" for "hashi/tip", so "Pick up the chopsticks from the table and lick them." becomes "Pick up the corner of the table and lick it."