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Episode 6
My Legend (6)
Yabe Kenzou Sentenced to Death! The Formless Assassin
わしの伝説 その6
謙三にの制裁を! 姿なき暗
Keibuho Yabe Kenzou 2 episode
Writer Fukuda Takurou
Director Fujiwara Tomoyuki
Original air date August 16, 2013 (2013-08-16)
Viewership 5.8%
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Episode List
Keibuho Yabe Kenzou 2
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わしの最新伝説 その6
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Kamen Rider References

  • 08:30 Zaiki's actor, Matsuda Kenji, played Kamen Rider Zanki in Kamen Rider Hibiki.
  • 09:00 Zaiki does a Zanki salute.
  • 45:57 Zaiki does his Zanki salute again.

Trick References

  • 10:20 One of the computer guys says that "M.P.D. detective Yabe Kenzou goes for onsens and massages almost every day, skipping his investigation duties," and Tamaki says that there is no such detective, but that is almost exactly what Yabe does.
  • 11:10 This time, Mirai is reading about Ueda's "Case of the Immortal Retirement Home - Part II", which is Episode 6 of TRICK -Troisième partie-.
  • 31:17 The Dark Commissioner throws an ax at Yabe, a reference to how an ax was also thrown at him in Episode 5 of Keibuho Yabe Kenzou Season 1, where the ax flew just above his head, knocking his towel like how it knocked off his toupee in the same way.
  • 36:38 Mirai does Yabe's "Alright, I got it!" catchphrase.
  • 46:55 A new framed calligraphy in Yabe's interrogation room reads "Starts with Toriku, ends with Toriku" (both kanji words are short forms of the 9th Interrogation Room).
  • 48:11 Yabe says he will solve the next case faster than Slit Mikako running. Slit Mikako, who was a champion marathon runner, was in Episodes 3 and 4 of TRICK -Troisième partie-.

Other References

  • 27:21 Akiba exclaims "Acchonburike!" This is a reference to Pinoko from the manga Black Jack, who does this when exclaiming out loud.
  • 30:55 Yabe goes to a hair salon called Momomin. Momomin (Momose Hitomi) is a member of White☆Milk, a j-pop group. There are many signs outside the salon, including "No Throwing of Axes", but coincidentally, the Dark Commissioner throws an axe at Yabe later. Another sign says "Brazil", a reference to the Brazilian restaurant in Episode 2.
  • 31:57 Yabe mentions that he has "Ichirou-like reflexes". Suzuki Ichirou is a famous baseball player.
  • 36:51 The elementary school name is Aikawa Elementary School, Shou Branch, a reference to actor Aikawa Show. Not to be confused with Aikawa Shou.
  • 36:57 A motivational poster spells out "A-i-ka-wa Sh-o-w" vertically.
  • 46:59 Yabe says that they wouldn't have solved it without his Holmes-like inference. A reference to Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri, with a cat detective named Holmes.


  • 05:51 A new framed calligraphy in the conference room says "Imposter Aethestics".
  • 12:39 Yabe pretends not to know Hair Hair Paradise, where it is implied that he comes for maintenance of his toupee regularly.
  • 13:16 Yabe's hairdresser's name is Okama. Okama means transvestite/homosexual. Coincidentally, he does look and behaves in a feminine manner.
  • 13:37 There is a poster about some artificial hair thing on the wall, featuring the old man who was in Episode 3 who demonstrated hypnotism as Yabe.
  • 15:46 Yabe counts using the old Japanese numbers. When Yayoi says there's a fourth victim, she's pointing at Yabe. Which is fitting since he's being used as a lure for the murderer, despite not being aware of it.
  • 17:49 The Dark Commissioner throws a flowerpot from the rooftop at Yabe, like how Akiba did in Episode 2. Yabe therefore wonders if it was Akiba who did it again, since he also ditched him in this episode.
  • 19:18 The commissioner wrote an "endure" character in calligraphy, referring to how he is putting up with Yabe.
  • 19:30 Yabe asks if there is katsudon in the shop, and Zaiki says no, but there is katsudon in the shop after all.
  • 22:14 Koike Sadao's "comes into contact with voters" means to literally "touch his voters".
  • 26:03 Yabe laughs like he did in Episode 3 in the club.
  • 31:27 The ax lands right on the "no axes" sign.
    • There are other funny signs near it. Like No R39 and No R41, which is ironic since Yabe told Mirai that the place he was going was R41 (means Restricted to age 41 and older). Normally it's used for R18 for adult videos and stuff.
  • 38:34 Yabe asks the suspects to draw an "en", while moving his head in a circle to hint he means "circle". 円 (en) usually means "circle", but can mean "Yen" in a monetary context.
  • 40:34 Yabe mistakens "tokaki" (stage directions) for "okaki" (a type of Japanese rice cracker).
  • 47:41 The second post is obviously from Mirai.