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Episode 1
My Legend (1)
The Murderer's Code! Prodigy Girl VS Finest Detective
わしの伝説 その1
しの暗号! 才少女VS最も優な刑事
Keibuho Yabe Kenzou 2 episode
Writer Fukuda Takurou
Director Kimura Hisashi
Original air date July 5, 2013 (2013-07-05)
Viewership 8.8%
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My Legend (2)
Episode List
Keibuho Yabe Kenzou 2
My Legend (1)
わしの最新伝説 その1
My Legend (2) >


  • Daidouji Ayano - Akimoto Naomi 大道寺 文乃 - 秋本奈緒美
  • Shiroyama Michiru - Haruki Misayo 城山 ミチル - 春木みさよ
  • 篠崎 和輝 - Murakami Wataru 篠崎 和輝 - 村上航
  • Hayashibara 隆治 - Ryu Suwao 林原 隆治 - 龍坐
  • Ajito Youichi - Kasyu Toshiki 網戸 洋一 - 賀集利樹

Kamen Rider References

Trick References

  • 01:55 Kikuchi says "It's crooked!" which is a recurring phrase in the Trick series to refer to Yabe's toupee being crooked. Strangely, Yabe doesn't react this time.
  • 16:43 Mirai is reading a chapter on "Genius Professor Ueda's Case Files", on "The Teleporting Woman Murder Case", which is referring to Slit Mikako in Episodes 3 and 4 of TRICK -Troisième partie-.
  • 17:29 The candy shop's name, Toriku, is a pun on Torikku (Trick).
  • 28:52 The "suspicious individuals" are Haru (Yamada's landlady) and her husband Jaamii.
  • 34:11 There is a framed calligraphy on the wall in the commissioner's office by Yamada Satomi, Yamada Naoko's mother. The paper is out of frame as it is too big.
  • 46:56 There is a picture on the wall of Yabe's interrogation room which has a picture of the former commissioner from Season 1. Akiba mentions that "The previous commissioner has returned to Nebula M78." The commissioner from Season 1 was played by Dan Jirou, who was Gou Hideki / Ultraman Jack, in The Return of Ultraman. Ultramen come from Nebula M78.

Other References

  • 00:26 "Fujio" is a reference to All Night Fuji, a late-night variety show.
  • 00:41 "Kaonashi" is the name of a spirit in the anime film Spirited Away.
  • 00:49 Waraeba Ii Kamo (It might be good to laugh) might be a reference to "Waraeba Ii to Omou" (it might be good to smile), a line from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • 09:49 "Saturday Night" is also a reference to All Night Fuji, which aired on Sunday midnight (Saturday night).
  • 10:56 "Grizzly's Scream" could be a reference to the movie Grizzly.
  • 16:57 Kareki ni Hana wo Sakasemashou (Let's Make Flowers Bloom on Bare Trees) is a song title.
  • 17:52 Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia is a singer-actor from JKT48, an Indonesian idol group.
  • 22:15 There is "Mizumori" written on the top-left corner of the board, and "Ado" on the top-right corner for no reason. Mizumori Ado is an actress, singer, voice actress and artist.
  • 30:34 Yabe mistakens "boin" (bowel) as "boin" (big breasts). Mirai replys with "Do you think you're Oohashi Kyosen?!" "Boin" as "big breasts" is a slang that originated from Oohashi Kyosen, a TV host.
  • 31:44 "All Night" is also a reference to All Night Fuji. All Night Fuji had a tagline "What's Saturday Night? All Night Fuji!"
  • 35:03 After saying "Saturday Night and All Night," Akiba says "What's Saturday Night?" as a reference to All Night Fuji's tagline.
  • 35:20 Akiba mistakenly hears "Polaris' Haato (Dove)" as "Clarisse's Heart", then says that the culprit could be Lupin. In the Lupin III anime film The Castle of Cagliostro, Lupin "steals Clarisse's heart". He then says "Fujiko-chan", who is Lupin's on-off lover in the series.
  • 38:14 One of the criminals says "X, Y, Z". XYZ is a type of alcoholic cocktail. Then the other says "This is the alcohol of the end." This is a line from Great Detective Conan: Episode One - The Great Detective Turned Small, which also had XYZ cocktail in the scene.
  • 41:31 Yabe says "Heaven has abandoned us!" a line from Hakkouda Mountains, a 1977 film about the Hakkouda Mountains incident, where a group of Japanese soldiers became lost in a blizzard in the mountains in 1902.
  • 43:39 Yabe says "Don don don don don!" a reference to Ookami Shounen, a comedy duo.
  • 43:41 Yabe says "What's Saturday Night?!" and Daidouji replies with "O/All-"
  • 46:32 Yabe mentions that Daidouji's hair looks like the doctor from Back to the Future.
  • 48:10 Yabe says that he will solve the next case faster than Jigen Daisuke drawing his pistol. Jigen Daisuke is Lupin's right-hand man and an expert marksman, in the Lupin III manga series.


  • 00:59 "Momo mo sumomo mo momo no uchi, sumomo mo momo mo momo no uchi "(Peaches and plums are both in the peach family. Plums and peaches are both in the peach family.) is a famous tongue twister.
  • 01:37 Mirai's mother rants about the Mitarai family and Tokugawa Ieyasu for the first time.
  • 02:44 Kikuchi says that Yabe and the others support Kikuchi and the others (at the top) like a base of a pyramid. "Base of a pyramid" can also mean "low class".
  • 03:14 "Zura" is a Yamanashi dialect sentence ending particle which means "probably", but is also short for "katsura/toupee".
  • 10:28 Ajito, and later Yabe too, asks Daidouji if the wind outside was too strong, a joke about her hairstyle. Both times, the sound of wind can be heard shortly after.
  • 12:59 There is a framed calligraphy in the conference room which says 再生/regeneration, but also can mean "playback (of a video)". Coincidentally, they are watching a playback of Yabe's "press conference".
  • 14:55 Yabe mistakens Kunikida's name as "Kushiyakiya", which means "kushiyaki (grilled meat) restaurant".
  • 14:57 Yabe calls the commissioner Atsumi Kakunoshin. Oowada Shinya, Mitarai Chikao's actor, played Atsumi Kakunoshin in Mito Koumon's 1978 movie.
  • 16:36 Mirai is reading a book from "Inference Weekly", and has a bonus "Fingerprint Collection Set" from it.
  • 19:27 Ajito tells Mirai to go to Kidzania, where children can work adult jobs, if she wants to play police.
  • 20:48 The commissioner says "erai suberu na" (You're getting really carried away.), but "suberu" normally means "slip". Coincidentally, Yabe slips on the commissioner's spilled pee.
  • 25:35 Mirai has many books of a "Study and Research Picture Book" series, with titles such as "Flowers", Dinosaurs", "Plants", "Insects", "The Human Body" etc.
  • 27:50 There is a wine bottle labeled Katsura (toupee).
  • 31:20 Akiba says "Ayu-chin selamat pagi". "Selamat pagi" means "good morning" in Bahasa Indonesian.
  • 31:30 Akiba is using a search engine mimicking Google, called Gogggggles 5.
  • 46:55 A framed calligraphy in Yabe's interrogation room says "Grand Reopening," probably a reference this episode being the first episode of a new season.