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Episode 4
My Legend (4)
The Assassin Who is Able to Impersonate Anyone
わしの伝説 その4
Keibuho Yabe Kenzou 2 episode
Writer Takayama Naoya
Director Fujiwara Tomoyuki
Original air date August 2, 2013 (2013-08-02)
Viewership 6.2%
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My Legend (3)
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Keibuho Yabe Kenzou 2
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わしの最新伝説 その4
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Kamen Rider References

  • 10:43 Kiya Ren is played by Amano Kousei, the actor of Kamen Rider Garren from Kamen Rider Blade.
  • 10:51 Kiya Ren's tie has a pattern with diamond shapes on it. Diamond is the symbol of Kamen Rider Garren.
  • 11:05 Kiya Ren raises his fist into a fist, in a way similar to his transformation pose as Kamen Rider Garren.
  • 25:14 Yabe says that Mirai is his "friend from high school", then makes a fist, like the friendship fist and handshake from Kamen Rider Fourze.

Trick References

  • 01:41 This time, Mirai is reading about the Kameyama Poem incident (Episodes 7 and 8 of TRICK -Troisième partie-).
  • 02:06 Ueda is in the study camp poster.
  • 15:26 The commissioner obviously learned that Yabe was a big lover of onsens from Kikuchi, who was his partner in TRICK -Troisième partie- and therefore knows him well.

Other References

  • 03:26 Yabe refers to the commissioner's "area of expertise" as "Ichirou-style". Suzuki Ichirou is a very successful baseball player.
  • 04:00 The commissioner's wife unleashes a machine gun into the commissioner while wearing a sailor costume, then says "kai... kan..." ("That felt good.") in a sexy way, a reference to Sailor Uniform Rebellion Alliance / セーラー服反逆同盟.
  • 09:10 Apparently, Yabe and Akiba spot Korean actor Jang Dong-gun in the middle of the mountains.
  • 36:53 Yabe says he will go "kyaeen!" if Koyorte comes for him. Kyaeen is the name of a comedic duo. The name was inspired by the happy squeals of a character in the manga Macaroni Hourensou.
  • 47:51 Akiba calls Yabe a "Hazure Keiji Ninjou-ha/Crooked (toupee) Detective: Empathetic Group", a reference to Hagure Keiji Junjou-ha (Independent Detective: Purehearted Group), a serial detective drama about a kindhearted detective.
  • 48:14 Yabe says that he will solve the next case after than a high school baseball player receiving an out returning to his bench, and Akiba replies with "That's hot, Koshien". Koshien Stadium is where the National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament takes place.


  • 01:45 The nerdy actor is now a teacher on a poster for a study camp.
  • 02:56 "Shimasun" is a combination of "shimasu" (do it) and "shimasen" (don't do it), meant as a gag. Therefore, it's neither yes nor no.
  • 06:16 A new framed calligraphy on the wall of the conference room says "Hot Bath Metropolitan Police Department", a reference to the onsen inn Yabe is going too later.
  • 08:57 Yabe says that "Promises and shouji doors are meant to be broken". A shouji door is the type of traditional paper door in Japanese homes. Probably a reference to how the paper is often broken.
  • 09:17 The kanji for "hitou" means "harmful to head" here.
  • 09:22 There is a statue with a face resembling the nerdy actor.
  • 09:56 There is a notice telling not to "throw masks used for disguises" beside a bin, which Koyorte throws his mask into.
  • 10:31 There is a dog named Koyote-kun in front of the onsen inn.
  • 11:32 Yabe doesn't show his police identification card, because he doesn't want to show that he is still a lieutenant.
  • 18:24 Yabe asks if there was anything unnatural with anyone, and Nanba hints at Yabe's toupee.
  • 32:13 A calligraphy on the wall spells out ue-ru-ka-mu (welcome) in kanji.
  • 33:11 "Kimi/you" is usually used by males to address younger females, or otherwise considered derogatory. Therefore, there is only one person that would be referred to as "kimi": a woman, and the youngest among them.
  • 46:51 There is a creepy man that has Yabe's looks at the end of the episode. Either that is the real Koyorte, or Prince Zouken from the next episode is there for some reason.
  • 47:02 A new framed calligraphy on the wall of Yabe's interrogation room reads "Koyote-kun", the name of the dog at Hitou Onsen earlier.

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