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A Japanese director from Okayama, Japan. He studied movies at Tama Art University.

He's worked as a director in the video game industry.

He met Amemiya Keita in 1989 at the Tokyo National Fantastic Movie Festival, eventually becoming friends. Around the time when he was working on Denei Shoujo he and Amemiya started collaborating on the TV series Garo.

His catchphrase for when he's satisfied with a cut is "Sou iu koto!" or "That's it!"



  • 1996 おまかせ!退魔業 - 実写映像パートの監督、脚本
  • 1999 Shenmue - Motion Capture director
  • 2001 鬼武者 - CGムービーディレクター
  • 2002 鬼武者2 - CGムービーディレクター
  • 2005 Grandia III - Cut scene director, scenario creator

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