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44th Super Sentai series
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Voiced by: Kouda Naoko
Height: 174cm
Weight: 75kg

TV Asahi site



Voiced by: Kuroda Takaya
Height: 193cm
Weight: 251kg

TV Asahi site

Lord Garuza[edit]

Lord Garuza.jpg

Voiced by: Nakamura Yuuichi
Height: 200cm (Giant size: 53.0m)
Weight: 260kg (Giant size: 689.0t)

TV Asahi site



Voiced by: Nakamura Yuuichi
Height: 195cm
Weight: 253kg
Evil Mask: Moon → To show loyalty to the Yodom Army, his Jamen portrays a dark night

TV Asahi site



Voiced by: Takato Yasuhiro
Height: 160cm
Weight: 208kg (Currently only 4/5 so 166kg)
Evil Mask: Jamen → Various evil masks based on Earth culture as a motif

TV Asahi site



Played by: Momotsuki Nashiko
Height: 165cm
Weight: 52kg

TV Asahi site

Emperor Yodom[edit]

Emperor Yodom.jpg

Voiced by: Yamaji Kazuhiro
Height: 55.7m~210cm
Weight: 723.4t~273kg
Evil Mask: Contamination → Carrying Jamental with him, he has the hardest Jamen in the universe

TV Asahi site



Rugby Jamen[edit]

Rugby Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Tanaka Miou
Height: 183cm
Weight: 165kg
Evil Mask: Rugby → Teams of 15 clash against each other, a sport where you take an oval ball to the goal

TV Asahi site

Manriki Jamen[edit]

Manriki Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Iguchi Yuuichi
Height: 184cm
Weight: 167kg
Evil Mask: Vise → Sturdy earth tool for holding items in place, tightens with the handle turn

TV Asahi site

Neanderthalian Jamen[edit]


Height: 181cm
Weight: 161kg
Evil Mask: Neanderthalian → The first human fossils found in Neandertal Valley

TV Asahi site

Joystick Jamen[edit]

Joystick Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Yamamoto Kanehira
Height: 186cm
Weight: 166kg
Evil Mask: Joystick → An Earth tool used to move characters in various directions in games

TV Asahi site

Digital Camera Jamen[edit]

Digital Camera Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Horie Shun
Height: 183cm
Weight: 168kg
Evil Mask: Digital Camera → Earth device used to capture pictures of video footage

TV Asahi site

Freezer Jamen[edit]

Freezer Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Saiga Mitsuki
Height: 185cm
Weight: 166kg
Evil Mask: Freezer → And Earth device used to keep things cold

TV Asahi site

Oven Jamen[edit]

Oven Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Ueda Yuuji
Height: 184cm
Weight: 170kg
Evil Mask: Oven → An Earth appliance that makes food hot

TV Asahi site

Hyakunin Isshu Jamen[edit]

Hyakunin Isshu Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Ueda Yoji
Height: 186cm
Weight: 163kg
Evil Mask: Hyakunin Isshu → An Earth book of poetry collecting 100 poets

TV Asahi site

Music Jamenshi[edit]

Music Jamenshi.jpg

Voiced by: Matsuda Kenichirou
Height: 191cm
Weight: 169kg
Evil Mask: Music → An Earth art form using voice or instruments to create sounds

TV Asahi site

Reset Button Jamen[edit]

Reset Button Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Hamazoe Shinya
Height: 182cm
Weight: 164kg
Evil Mask: Reset Button → An unbeatable cheat button that resets everything with a simple press

TV Asahi site

Inseki Jamen[edit]

Inseki Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Amada Masuo
Height: 184cm
Weight: 163kg
Evil Mask: Meteorite → A rock that falls to Earth from space

TV Asahi site

SL Jamen[edit]

SL Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Tanaka Kan
Height: 188cm
Weight: 172kg
Evil Mask: SL (Steam Locomotive) → An Earth train that runs on steam energy

TV Asahi site

Marshmallow Jamen[edit]

Marshmallow Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Onosaka Masaya
Height: 185cm
Weight: 174kg
Evil Mask: Marshmallow → An Earth confection that's fluffy and bouncy

TV Asahi site

Whac-A-Mole Jamen[edit]

Whac-A-Mole Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Muraoka Hiroyuki
Height: 187cm
Weight: 173kg
Evil Mask: Whac-A-Mole → An Earth game where you hit moles that come out of the hole

TV Asahi site

Relocating Jamen[edit]

Relocating Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Shimowada Hiroki
Height: 184cm
Weight: 165kg
Evil Mask: Relocating → An Earth notion of changing where you live

TV Asahi site

Tsurizao Jamen[edit]

Tsurizao Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Sasa Kenta
Height: 189cm
Weight: 164kg
Evil Mask: Fishing Pole (Tsurizao) → An Earth tool used to hook fish

TV Asahi site

Safe Jamen[edit]

Safe Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Uchida Naoya
Height: 185cm
Weight: 179kg
Evil Mask: Safe → An Earth container for safely keeping money

TV Asahi site

Speaker Jamen[edit]

Speaker Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Kakihara Tetsuya
Height: 188cm
Weight: 167kg
Evil Mask: Speaker → An Earth audio device that converts electric signals into sounds

TV Asahi site

Bomb Jamen[edit]

Bomb Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Kimura Subaru
Height: 184cm
Weight: 168kg
Evil Mask: Bomb → An Earth explosive device where gunpowder is placed in an orb

TV Asahi site

Super Glue Jamen[edit]

Super Glue Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Yano Masaaki
Height: 187cm
Weight: 170kg
Evil Mask: Super Glue → An Earth adhesive that strongly binds objects

TV Asahi site

Mannequin Jamen[edit]

Mannequin Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Toriumi Kohsuke
Height: 190cm
Weight: 168kg
Evil Mask: Mannequin → An Earth figure for displaying clothes

TV Asahi site

Riddler Jamen[edit]

Nazokake Jamen (ナゾカケ邪面)
Riddler Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Nezucchi
Height: 186cm
Weight: 168kg
Evil Mask: Riddles → An Earth wordplay where a question is asked and a clever answer is expected

TV Asahi site

Golf Jamen[edit]

Golf Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Ichijo Kazuya
Height: 187cm
Weight: 165kg
Evil Mask: Golf → An Earth sport where you try to get a ball in a hole in the least number of strokes

TV Asahi site

Cavity Jamen[edit]

Cavity Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Yanagihara Tetsuya
Height: 186cm
Weight: 171kg
Evil Mask: Cavity → An Earth sickness where your teeth are rotted

TV Asahi site

Wire Jamen[edit]

Wire Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Ohtani Shuichiro
Height: 188cm
Weight: 164kg
Evil Mask: Wire → An Earth metal wire

TV Asahi site

Maneki-Neko Jamen[edit]

Maneki-Neko Jamen.jpg

Voiced by: Kusunoki Taiten
Height: 186cm
Weight: 169kg
Evil Mask: Maneki-Neko → An Earth cat item that beckons good luck

TV Asahi site



Jamenju Faucet Hildon[edit]

Jamenju Faucet Hildon.jpg

Height: 46.5m
Weight: 1477.3t
Dark Beast: Hildon
Evil Mask: Faucet → When you turn the handle, water flows

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Rugger Rigani[edit]

Jamenju Rugger Rigani.jpg

Height: 43.7m
Length: 51.3m
Weight: 1995.2t
Dark Beast: Rigani
Evil Mask: Rugger → A rugger is someone who plays rugby

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Manriki Shellga[edit]

Jamenju Manriki Shellga.jpg

Height: 48.8m
Weight: 2590.0t
Dark Beast: Shellga
Evil Mask: Vise → Sturdy earth tool for holding giant items in place, tightens with the giant handle turn

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Kyuusekki Basura[edit]

Jamenju Kyuusekki Basura.jpg

Height: 46.3m
Weight: 1623.2t
Dark Beast: Basura
Evil Mask: Stone Tools → Stone tools for smashing from Earth's Stone Age

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Catcher Rigani[edit]

Jamenju Catcher Rigani.jpg

Height: 48.0m
Weight: 1982.0t
Dark Beast: Rigani
Evil Mask: Game Catcher → On Earth, claw on arms that grabs prizes in crane games

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Cloud Hildon[edit]

Jamenju Cloud Hildon.jpg

Height: 44.5m
Weight: 1469.3t
Dark Beast: Hildon
Evil Mask: Cloud → On Earth, a computer thing that stores lot of data on a network or server

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Reinetsu Dagames[edit]

Jamenju Reinetsu Dagames.jpg

Height: 66.0m
Weight: 1636.6t
Dark Beast: Dagames
Evil Mask: Reinetsu → An Earth concept where cold (rei) and heat (netsu) are applied simultaneously

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Heian-Kyo Basura[edit]

Jamenju Heian-Kyo Basura.jpg

Height: 50.3m
Weight: 1639.2t
Dark Beast: Basura
Evil Mask: Heian-Kyo → A Go board arranged like an ancient Earth capital

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Stage Shellga[edit]

Jamenju Stage Shellga.jpg

Height: 48.3m
Weight: 2588.0t
Dark Beast: Shellga
Evil Mask: Stage → An Earth stage used for shows

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Launch Button Rigani[edit]

Jamenju Launch Button Rigani.jpg

Height: 50.8m
Weight: 1993.2t
Dark Beast: Rigani
Evil Mask: Launch Button → Button that launches projectiles

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Venus Flytrap Shellga[edit]

Jamenju Venus Flytrap Shellga.jpg

Height: 55.8m
Weight: 2618.0t
Dark Beast: Shellga
Evil Mask: Venus Flytrap → An Earth carnivorous plant that closes two leaves to trap flies

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Diesel Basura[edit]

Jamenju Diesel Basura.jpg

Height: 53.2m
Weight: 1650.8t
Dark Beast: Basura
Evil Mask: Diesel → An Earth train that runs on diesel oil to run

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Wanage Hildon[edit]

Jamenju Wanage Hildon.jpg

Height: 57.8m
Weight: 1522.5t
Dark Beast: Hildon
Evil Mask: Ring Toss (Wanage) → An Earth game where you toss a ring on a stick

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Launch Rigani[edit]

Jamenju Launch Rigani.jpg

Height: 50.8m
Weight: 1993.0t
Dark Beast: Rigani
Evil Mask: Launch → An Earth concept that fires things like missiles or bullets

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Hammer Basura[edit]

Jamenju Hammer Basura.jpg

Height: 53.7m
Weight: 1652.8t
Dark Beast: Basura
Evil Mask: Hammer → An Earth tool used for hitting objects

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Mortgage Dagames[edit]

Jamenju Mortgage Dagames.jpg

Height: 67.5m
Weight: 1648.6t
Dark Beast: Dagames
Evil Mask: Mortgage → An Earth credit system where you pay money for living somewhere

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Motorboat Basura[edit]

Jamenju Motorboat Basura.jpg

Height: 54.2m
Weight: 1654.8t
Dark Beast: Basura
Evil Mask: Motor Boat → An Earth boat that is propelled quickly forward using a motor

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Gold Buillion Rigani[edit]

Jamenju Gold Buillion Rigani.jpg

Height: 51.5m
Weight: 1996.0t
Dark Beast: Rigani
Evil Mask: Gold Bullion → A measurement of gold

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Jukebox Hildon[edit]

Jamenju Jukebox Hildon.jpg

Height: 46.0m
Weight: 1475.3t
Dark Beast: Hildon
Evil Mask: Jukebox → An Earth audio device that plays music

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Super Glue Shellga[edit]

Jamenju Super Glue Shellga.jpg

Height: 47.5m
Weight: 2597.7t
Dark Beast: Shellga
Evil Mask: Super Glue → An Earth adhesive that strongly binds giant objects

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Torso Hildron[edit]

Jamenju Torso Hildron.jpg

Height: 47.3m
Weight: 1480.5t
Dark Beast: Hildron
Evil Mask: Torso → An Earth large chest portion for displaying clothes

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Pinch In-Out Dagames[edit]

Jamenju Pinch In-Out Dagames.jpg

Height: 68.3m
Weight: 1655.0t
Dark Beast: Dagames
Evil Mask: Pinch In and Out → An Earth user interface where you use your fingers to magnify or shrink a screen

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Shield Shellga[edit]

Jamenju Shield Shellga.jpg

Height: 50.8m
Weight: 2598.0t
Dark Beast: Shellga
Evil Mask: Shield → An Earth tool used to prevent attacks

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Sengoku Basura[edit]

Jamenju Sengoku Basura.jpg

Height: 54.5m
Weight: 1656.0t
Dark Beast: Basura
Evil Mask: Sengoku Era → An Earth historical period where warriors fought with swords from morning to night

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Tank Rigani[edit]

Jamenju Tank Rigani.jpg

Height: 61.2m
Weight: 2034.8t
Dark Beast: Rigani
Evil Mask: Tank → An Earth armored vehicle that can fire a cannon

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Cart Hildon[edit]

Jamenju Cart Hildon.jpg

Height: 45.5m
Weight: 1473.3t
Dark Beast: Hildon
Evil Mask: Cart → An Earth vehicle for getting around the large golf area

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Turntable Gomoryuu[edit]

Jamenju Turntable Gomoryuu.jpg

Height: 47.5m
Weight: 3188.0t
Dark Beast: Gomoryuu
Evil Mask: Turntable → An Earth audio device that makes sounds by scratching a record

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Fang Basura[edit]

Jamenju Fang Basura.jpg

Height: 51.0m
Weight: 1642.0t
Dark Beast: Basura
Evil Mask: Fang → Earth sharp teeth used to protect oneself

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Self-Conscious Shellga[edit]

Jamenju Self-Conscious Shellga.jpg

Height: 49.3m
Weight: 2592.0t
Dark Beast: Shellga
Evil Mask: Self-Consciosu → An Earth notion representing what's in one's heart

TV Asahi site

Jamenju Canned Cat Food Rigani[edit]

Jamenju Canned Cat Food Rigani.jpg

Height: 50.2m
Weight: 1990.8t
Dark Beast: Rigani
Evil Mask: Canned Cat Food → Earth can used to contain wet cat food

TV Asahi site



Evil Monstone[edit]

Evil Monstone.jpg

Height: 47.2m
Weight: 897.5t

TV Asahi site

Giant Monstone[edit]

Giant Monstone.jpg

Height: 47.0m
Weight: 940.0t

TV Asahi site


  • Hildon might be based on leeches (hiru).
  • Rigani might come from the Japanese word "zarigani" which means "crayfish".
  • Basura might be based on a black bass.
  • Reinetsu is actually two words. Rei/cold and netsu/heat.
  • Dagames might be based on the giant water bug which is "tagame" in Japanese.

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