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42nd Super Sentai series
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The Lupin Collection (ルパンコレクション Rupan Korekushon) is a collection of mysterious treasures collected in secret by the phantom thief Arsene Lupin. These treasures are said to contain a strange power, which will bring calamity if landed in the hands of evildoers. These treasures were stolen by the Interdimensional Crime Group Ganglar, a crime syndicate from another dimension, and used by them to empower their members by being kept inside a safe somewhere on their bodies. One particular piece can also be used by the Ganglar doctor, Gauche le Médu, to revive fallen Ganglar members into giant size.

Weapons & Mecha

VS Changers
First appearance: #01
  • The standard sidearm of both the LupinRangers & PatRangers that are used for transformation, defensive purposes, & mecha summoning. There are 6 copies of the VS Changer known to exist.

VS Vehicles


Dial Fighters
First appearance: #01
  • A set of flying machine-esque mecha that (when placed into a VS Changer) allow its user to transform into a LupinRanger, use special abilities, and can grow giant size in order to fight an enlarged Ganglar Monster.
Trigger Machines
First appearance: #01
  • A set of law enforcement motor vehicle-esque mecha that (when placed in a VS Changer) allow its user to transform into a PatRanger, use special abilities, and can grow giant size in order to fight an enlarged Ganglar Monster.
Good Striker (Dial Fighter Mode).png
Good Striker
First appearance: #02
  • A sentient mecha/puppet being that sides with whoever he wishes to at the time. His assists provide additional power-ups as well as the formation of Giant Robos (depending on which team he is siding with at the time). The way it can fold his wings to match for either team vehicle forms slightly resembles the cast form for Engine Speedor from Engine Sentai Go-Onger.
X Trains
First appearance: #20

Collection Pieces

Like a rolling cube
French: Comme un cube qui roule
Japanese: 転がる賽(さい)のように
Romanji: Korogaru sai no yo ni
First appearance: #01
Turn me on
French: Allume-moi
Japanese: 私に火をつけて
Romanji: Watashi ni hi wo tsukete
First appearance: #01 and #02
Get Big
French: Gros calibre
Japanese: 大きくなれ
Romanji: Okiku nare
First appearance: #02
  • Based on Laser Grip equipped with the Life Bird's Tail Injector from GoGo V.
Who made whom
French: Qui a fait qui
Japanese: 誰が誰を作ったのか
Romanji: Dare ga dare wo tsukutta no ka
First appearance: #03
I'll dress you up
French: Je vais t’habiller
Japanese: あなたをドレスアップ
Romanji: Anata wo doresu appu
First appearance: #04
Move like lightning
French: Jack bondissant tel l’éclair
Japanese: 稲妻のように飛び跳ねる
Romanji: Inazuma no yo ni tobihaneru
First appearance: #06
All your love
French: Tout ton amour
Japanese: 胸いっぱいの愛を
Romanji: Mune-ippai no ai wo
First appearance: #07
Heal the world
French: Guéris le monde
Japanese: 世界を癒そう
Romanji: Sekai wo iyaso
First appearance: #08
The Electric Storm
French: L’Orage électrique
Japanese: 電撃の嵐
Romanji: Dengeki no arashi
First appearance: #10
Roll Beethoven
French: Fais rouler Beethoven
Japanese: ベートーベンをぶっとばせ
Romanji: Betoben wo buttobase
First appearance: #11
Life on the fast track
French: La vie sur la voie rapide
Japanese: 駆け足の人生
Romanji: Kakeashi no jinsei
First appearance: #12
Jailhouse Rock
French: Le rock du bagne
Japanese: 監獄ロック
Romanji: Kangoku rokku
First appearance: #13
It's a Small World
French: Le petit monde
Japanese: スモール・ワールド
Romanji: Sumoru Warudo
First appearance: #14
Far Away
French: Au loin
Japanese: 遠く離れて
Romanji: Toku hanarete
First appearance: #15
Great Balls of Fire
French: Belles balles de feu
Japanese: 火の玉ロック
Romanji: Hinotama rokku
First appearance: #16
Long, Long, Long
French: Long, long et long
Japanese: 長く長く長く
Romanji: Nagaku nagaku nagaku
First appearance: #17
Stroke of Luck
French: Le coup de chance
Japanese: 幸運の大当たり
Romanji: Koun no oatari
First appearance: #18
The Wind Rises
French: Filer comme le vent
Japanese: 風立ちぬ
Romanji: Kaze tachinu
First appearance: #19
Energy Machine
French: La machine d'endorphine
Japanese: 元気になる装置
Romanji: Genki ni naru sochi
First appearance: #20
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
French: La fumée t’embrouille les yeux
Japanese: 煙が目にしみる
Romanji: Kemuri ga me ni shimiru
First appearance: #20
Change to Stone
French: Je me change en pierre
Japanese: 石に変わる
Romanji: Ishi ni kawaru
First appearance: #21
Purple Rain
French: La pluie violette
Japanese: 紫色の雨
Romanji: Murasakiro no ame
First appearance: #22
  • Named after Purple Rain, a song by Prince.
  • A green and purple blaster. It's based on the Gosei Blaster and Shark Headder from Goseiger.
Fired Up
French: La chaleur est là
Japanese: 熱くなれ
Romanji: Atsuku nare
First appearance: #23
  • A gold bracelet with a green D on it. It's based on the Denji Ring from Denjiman.
The Escape
French: L’évasion
Japanese: 逃亡せよ
Romanji: Tobo seyo
First appearance: #24
  • A signal baton-like piece. It's based on the Yudo Breaker from Toqger.
Doctor, doctor
French: Docteur, docteur
Japanese: 医者医者
Romanji: Isha isha
First appearance: #25
  • A tank-like piece. It's based on half of the Twin Brace from Liveman.
Tiny Bubbles
French: Les minuscules bulles
Japanese: 小さな泡
Romanji: Chisana awa
First appearance: #26
French: Le contrôle
Japanese: 操作する
Romanji: Sosa suru
First appearance: #27
Plunge In
French: Plonge
Japanese: 飛び込む
Romanji: Tobikomu
First appearance: #28
French: La mémoire
Japanese: 想い出
Romanji: Omoide
First appearance: #29
La Vie en rose
French: La Vie en rose
Japanese: ばら色の人生
Romanji: Bara-iro no jinsei
First appearance: #30
Upside down
French: À l'envers
Japanese: ひっくり返す
Romanji: Hikkuri kaesu
First appearance: #31
Take it On
French: Prends-le dessus
Japanese: 楽しくいこうぜ
Romanji: Tanoshiku iko ze
First appearance: #31
French: Les voyous
Japanese: 悪い奴ら
Romanji: Warui yatsura
First appearance: #32
  • A cellphone-like piece. It's based on the Mobilate from Gokaiger.
The Wake-up Call
French: L'Appel de réveil
Japanese: あなたを起こす
Romanji: Anata wo okosu
First appearance: #32
  • A cellphone-like piece. It's based on the ShodoPhone from Shinkenger.
French: Le croisement
Japanese: 十字路
Romanji: Jujiro
First appearance: #32
  • A cellphone-like piece. It's based on the Go-Phone from Go-Onger.
Call Me
French: Appelle-moi
Japanese: 私を呼んで
Romanji: Watashi wo yonde
First appearance: #32
  • A cellphone-like piece. It's based on the Accellular from Boukenger.
Burning Love
French: Ton amour brûlant
Japanese: 燃えるような恋
Romanji: Moeru yo na koi
First appearance: #32
  • A cellphone-like piece. It's based on the MagiPhone from MagiRanger.
Storm Bringer
French: Le porte-tempête
Japanese: 嵐を呼ぶ人
Romanji: Arashi wo yobu hito
First appearance: #33
These Walls
French: Ces murs
Japanese: これらの壁
Romanji: Korera no kabe
First appearance: #34
The Great Crack
French: Le grand fossé
Japanese: 大いなる分裂
Romanji: Oi naru bunretsu
First appearance: #35
The Wise Man
French: L'homme sage
Japanese: 賢者
Romanji: Kenja
First appearance: #36
Reaching for your Hand
French: Atteindre pour toucher
Japanese: あなたに手が届く
Romanji: Anata ni te ga todoku
First appearance: #37
Drives Me Crazy
French: Elle me rend fou
Japanese: 夢中にさせる
Romanji: Muchuu ni saseru
First appearance: #38
Take Off in Flight
French: Je veux m'envoler
Japanese: 飛び去って
Romanji: Tobisatte
First appearance: #39
Smoke on the Water
French: La fumée sur l'eau
Japanese: 水の上の煙
Romanji: Mizu no ue no kemuri
First appearance: #40
The Elastic Heart
French: Le cœur élastique
Japanese: しなやかな心
Romanji: Shinayaka na kokoro
First appearance: #43
Puppet Master
French: Le maître des marionnettes
Japanese: 人形遣い
Romanji: Ningyo tsukai
First appearance: #44
One Million Voices
French: Un million de voix
Japanese: 万人の声
Romanji: Bannin no koe
First appearance: #44
Like a Starving Beast
French: Une faim de loup
Japanese: 飢えた獣のように
Romanji: Ueta kemono no yo ni
First appearance: #45
Play With Me
French: Attrapé dans le jeu
Japanese: いっしょに遊ぼう
Romanji: Issho ni asobo
First appearance: #46
Cut the Cake
French: Coupe le gâteau
Japanese: ケーキを切る
Romanji: Keiki wo kiru
First appearance: #48
  • A saber-like piece. It's based on Byakkoshinken from DaiRanger.
Pierce Through
French: Évade-toi de l’autre côté
Japanese: 突き抜けろ
Romanji: Tsukinukero
First appearance: #50
  • A shuriken-like piece. It's based on the Chozetsu Shuriken from Ninninger.
That Day Once More
French: Hier une fois de plus
Japanese: あの日をもう一度
Romanji: Ano hi wo mo ichido
First appearance: Opening credits and #51

Other Collection Pieces

The Ultimate Weird Combination

Live of a Flower

French: La vie est une fleur
Japanese: 人生は花
Romanji: Jinsei wa hana
  • A tooth-like piece. It's based on half of the Mechanical Blade Kiba from Gingaman.


French: Bienvenue dans la jungle
Japanese: ジャングルへようこそ
Romanji: Janguru e yokoso
  • A magnifying glass-like piece. It's based on the Ginga Brace from Gingaman.

French: Chute de météorites
Japanese: 隕石秋
Romanji: Inseki aki
  • A sphere-like piece. It's based on the the Saikyo Kyutama from KyuuRanger.

Another PatRan Nigou

French: Crier vers le haut
Japanese: トップに叫べ
Romanji: Toppu ni sakebe
  • A megaphone-like piece. It's based on the Sonic Megaphone from Hurricaneger.

LupinRanger VS PatRanger VS KyuuRanger

French: Le feu inoubliable
Japanese: 焔
Romanji: Homura
  • A decorative box-like piece. It's based on the Gokai Cellular from Gokaiger.

French: Le bois norvégien
Japanese: ノルウェーの森
Romanji: Noruue no mori
  • A decorative box-like piece. It's based on the MoBuckle from Kyouryuuger.

French: Une autre brique dans le mur
Japanese: 壁の中のレンガ
Romanji: Kabe no naka no renga
  • A tablet-like piece. It's based on the Applichanger from Toqger.


  • Many of the Collection pieces' names are French translations of famous song titles and lyrics.
  • All the Collection pieces collected from the enemy are item homages to previous Sentai series.

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