Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger with DonBrothers

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An Abaranger and DonBrothers crossover.

Following the special Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger with DonBrothers in preparation for Hurricaneger 20 Years After, this special follows the Abarangers meeting the DonBrothers in preparation for Abaranger 20 Years After. This special is expected to air on TTFC on August 27, 2023 (2023-08-27)

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  • Hakua Ryouga/AbaRed - Nishi Koichiro 伯亜凌駕/アバレッド - 西興一朗
  • Sanjou Yukito/AbareBlue -  Tomita Sho 三条幸人/アバレブルー -  富田翔
  • Sanjou Emiri -   Nishijima Michi 三条笑里 -  西島未智
  • Saruhara Shinici/SaruBrother - Beppu Yuuki 猿原真一/サルブラザー -  別府由来
  • Kitou Haruka -  Shida Kohaku 鬼頭はるか/オニシスター -  志田こはく
  • Don Momotarou (Voice only) -  Higuchi Kouhei ドンモモタロウ -  樋口幸平


  • When Haruka thinks "Even an oni can't understand." it's a reference to the Japanese idiom "Even a monkey could understand it".
  • Emiri's ringtone is a siren from DekaRanger, the series that followed Abaranger.



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