Ultraman R/B 25

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Episode 25
Asahi's Family
Ultraman R/B episode
Writer Nakano Takao
Director Takesue Masayoshi
Original air date December 22, 2018 (2018-12-22)
Viewership 0.9%
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Episode 24
I am Happy
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Important things that happened[edit]


  • R/Bium Ray (ルービウム光線)
  • Makoto Crystal (真クリスタル) - True Crystal "Shine light of hope"
  • True Voltec Buster (真ボルテックバスター)

Aliens and Kaijus[edit]

Leugocyte1.jpg Leugocyte2.jpg

Cosmo Eater Leugocyte[edit]

コスモイーター ルーゴサイト

  • Crystal - Dragon (龍 )
  • Height - 72 meters
  • Weight - 59,000 tons
  • Attack - Genesis Requiem (ゲネシスレクイエム)

Name comes from leukocyte (white blood cells).

GrigioRegina1.jpg GrigioRegina2.jpg

Super Armored Beast Grigio Regina[edit]

超鎧装獣 グルジオレギーナ

  • Crystal - Attack (撃)
  • Height - 65 meters
  • Weight - 91,000 tons
  • Weapon - Erga Trio Cannon (エルガトリオキャノン). Erga is Latin for "towards everyone"

Mitsurugi Saki's transformation.

Grigio Regina is Italian for "Grey Queen"

Guest Stars[edit]


  • Dragon Quest Builders 2
  • Ultraman R/B Kourin with Makoto Crystal
  • Ultraman New Generation Chronicle


  • The Makoto Crystal appears in a CM before it appears in the episode. It also shows a new R/B form that isn't use in the series.
  • Quattro M originally stood for "The Four M(inato)" family members. An early clue that Asahi is a more recent addition to the family.
  • Verus points out several ways the Asahi being a Crystal is hinted earlier in the series:
    • The store being called Quattro M[inato], quattro being "four" in Italian. Katsumi, Isami, Ushio, and Mio.
    • Asahi's late/sudden appearance in the first episode
    • Koma-nee calling them a family of four, before quickly correcting to five
    • The various "dings" of Asahi sensing Crystals, or the Orb Ring NEO (which was created via Crystals). Notable example is episode 9 where she hears someone calling out to her, which ultimately leads the brothers to the Earth Crystal
    • Mitsurugi appears to know what's up from the word go, and it informs her interactions with Asahi. The only time the show makes it super obvious, though, is when she flashes back to Mio's disappearance, and shows the candies Asahi carries


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