Ultraman R/B 24

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Episode 24
I am Happy
Ultraman R/B episode
Writer Takegami Junki
Director Takesue Masayoshi
Original air date December 15, 2018 (2018-12-15)
Viewership 1.3%
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Crystal of Destruction
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Asahi's Family
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Ultraman R/B
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Important things that happened[edit]

Aliens and Kaijus[edit]

GrigioRegina1.jpg GrigioRegina2.jpg

Super Armored Beast Grigio Regina[edit]

超鎧装獣 グルジオレギーナ

  • Crystal - Attack (撃)
  • Height - 65 meters
  • Weight - 91,000 tons
  • Weapon - Erga Trio Cannon (エルガトリオキャノン). Erga is Latin for "towards everyone"

Mitsurugi Saki's transformation.

Grigio Regina is Italian for "Grey Queen"

Guest Stars[edit]


  • Looks like there's a cut line that was left in the captions. At 4:28 "Data coming up!" (データ 出します!~)
  • Mitsurugi says her name is Grigio but (pronounced Griijo グリージョ), a kaiju that she turned into often. The kaiju version is pronounced Gurujio (グルジオ). Grigio is Italian for "grey".

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