Ultraman R/B 06

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Episode 06
Our Fated Enemy! Big Sister's Finisher Fist!
Ultraman R/B episode
Writer Nemoto Toshizou
Director Ichino Ryuuichi
Original air date August 11, 2018 (2018-08-11)
Viewership 1.3%
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Episode 05
Farewell, Icarus
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Disqualified Hero
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Ultraman R/B
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Important things that happened[edit]

Ultra Crystals[edit]


Yaiba/Blade 刃

Attack: Wide Shot Slugger

From UltraSeven's weapon, Eye Slugger.

Aliens and Kaijus[edit]

MechaGomora1.jpg MechaGomora2.jpg

Robot Kaiju Mecha Gomora[edit]


  • Crystal - Flame (炎)
  • Height - 44 meters
  • Weight - 22,000 tons

Guest Stars[edit]

  • Young Katsumi - Fujisawa Hajime 幼い頃のカツミ - 藤沢元
  • Young Isami - Minegishi Kiara 幼い頃のイサミ - 嶺岸煌桜
  • Komaki Kaoru - Kobayashi Yuri 小牧カオル - 小林由梨
  • Brothers' childhood friends - Morozumi Renon 幼い兄弟の友達 - 両角怜慶
  • Brothers' childhood friends - Kimura Kanta 幼い兄弟の友達 - 木村敢太
  • Brothers' childhood friends - Ishida Takeru 幼い兄弟の友達 - 石田偉琉


  • Nintendo 3DS Made in Wario: Gorgeous
  • McDonalds


  • Kaoru's initial pseudonym is a combination of her name and the name of the game they play: Kaoritta Hoi. The Hoi refers to the part of rock, paper, scissors where the winner tries to make the loser look a certain direction.
  • Their father refers to their mom as Miishan (Mio).
  • Kaoru initially says they're a family of four before seeing Asahi and changing it to five

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