Ultraman R/B 21

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Episode 21
Hard Candies and a Meat Bun
Ultraman R/B episode
Writer Nemoto Toshizou
Director Ito Ryouichi
Original air date November 24, 2018 (2018-11-24)
Viewership 1.3%
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Episode 20
Stardust Memories
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Mom From Another Dimension
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Ultraman R/B
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Important things that happened[edit]


  • Ultraman Blu - Earth Bringer (アース・ブリンガー)

Aliens and Kaijus[edit]

GrandKing1.jpg GrandKing2.jpg

Super Dreadnought Kaiju Grand King Megalos[edit]

グランドキング メガロス

  • Crystal - Earth/land (土)
  • Height - 78 meters
  • Weight - 217,000 tons
  • Weapon - Megalos Blaster - A destructive beam from its chest

Mitsurugi Saki's transformation

Horoboros1.jpg Horoboros2.jpg Horoboros3.jpg

Fierce Savage Beast Horoboros[edit]


  • Crystal - Beast (獣)
  • Height - 44 meters (On four legs), 56 meters (Bipedal)
  • Weight - 44,000 kg

Mitsurugi Saki's transformation

Guest Stars[edit]

  • Couple (Male) - Sorihashi Souichirou カップルの男性 - 反橋宗一郎
  • Couple (Female) - Akino Yuni カップルの女性 - 秋乃ゆに


  • When the Minato family's mother falls through the portal, she completely disappears except for dropping some hard candy on the ground. When the flashback is over, Mitsurugi looks at a candy in her hand and looks at Asahi.
  • When they say "Wandaba" in the song, it's a reference to BGM used when Ultraman Returns, which has become a popular term amongst otaku for that or music like it.

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