Ultraman R/B 03

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Episode 03
Welcome to AizenTech
Ultraman R/B episode
Writer Itou Kouji
Director Takesue Masayoshi
Original air date July 21, 2018 (2018-07-21)
Viewership 1.0%
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Episode 02
Sibling Bonds
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Episode 04
The Winning Ball of Light!
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Ultraman R/B
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Important things that happened[edit]

Aliens and Kaijus[edit]

Gargorgon1.jpg Gargorgon2.jpg

Petrification Maju Gargorgon[edit]


  • Crystal - Stone (石)
  • Height - 55 meters
  • Weight - 55,000 tons

Name is based on gorgons, the race that Medusa is from.

Guest Stars[edit]

  • Reception - Takigawa Hiromi 受付係 - 滝川ひとみ
  • AizenTech Employee - Suzuki Hirona アイゼンテック社員 - 鈴木宏那
  • AizenTech Employee - Muratsu Kazuya アイゼンテック社員 - 村津和也
  • AizenTech Employee - Kuroda Nagamasa アイゼンテック社員 - 黒田長政
  • AizenTech Researcher - Yoshimaru Takehiro アイゼンテック研究員 - 吉丸雄大


  • Nintendo Switch
  • Ultraman Geed the Movie
  • R/B Blu-rays


  • Under Makoto's father, it was called Aizen Mechanics (Tekkou 鉄工) but Makoto changed it to AizenTech. But in Japanese, they sound the same.
  • One of the markets looks like it has a sign saying Tramkya, maybe a reference to Tsuburaya, the company that produces Ultraman shows?
  • The kanji on this week's medal that Aizen has at the end is 石/stone since the monster can petrify living creatures.


  • During the Crystal corner, the kanji for 魔 was translated to "evil", when it should have been "demon" or "magic".

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