Kurage Hime 10

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Episode 10
Kurage Hime
Kurage Hime (TV Drama) episode
Writer Tokunaga Youichi
Director Ishikawa Junichi
Original air date March 19, 2018 (2018-03-19)
Viewership 5.8%
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Kurage Hime
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Important things that happened




Go Sign wa 1 Coin by Cafelatte Funsui Koen
A New Day by Beverly



  • The event takes place on March 19th, the day of the final episode airing.
  • Hanamori says that that since the Edo era, the place to propose to a woman is the amusement park Hanayashiki. The amusement park has operated since 1853.
  • Kurara is being taken care of by Kuranosuke's dad (since he likes mundane work like that). In the manga, it's more explicit that Tsukimi told Kuranosuke to take care of Kurara. But Kuranosuke gets frustrated easily by the task, and pawns it off on his father.
  • Mayaya is saying "Hentai, metamorphose" the way tokusatsu heroes say "henshin". She also does some accompanying poses which have sound effects.
  • There's a funny moment during the show when Inari flings herself at a man, thinking it's Shuu, but Shuu had left. Later, we learn that Shuu had left to get Kuranosuke's mother, not because he was annoyed at being seated next to Inari.
  • In the manga, we see in a flashback that Chieko's hair is down and cut short. In the drama, in the flashback when Mejiro meets Chieko, her hair is done the same way.

Differences From the Manga

  • In the manga, Fish calls Tsukimi Lady Luck instead. In the drama, he strongly implies it's Hwayoung, although it can be open to interpretation.
  • In the manga, Kuranosuke doesn't move to New York, but instead suggests that he's moving into Amamizukan.
    • The romantic angle between Kuranosuke and Tsukimi doesn't exist or is more subtle in the manga. She doesn't explicitly choose Kuranosuke the way she does in the drama, and there's a suggestion that even Shuu will continue to pursue Tsukimi despite his marriage proposal being turned down.


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