Kurage Hime 09

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Episode 09
Kurage Hime
Kurage Hime (TV Drama) episode
Writer Tokunaga Youichi
Director Yamauchi Daisuke
Original air date March 12, 2018 (2018-03-12)
Viewership 6.0%
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Kurage Hime
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Important things that happened[edit]



  • Kai Fish - Kaku Kento カイ・フィッシュ - 賀来賢人
  • Hwayoung - Ito Yumi ファヨン - 伊藤ゆみ


Go Sign wa 1 Coin by Cafelatte Funsui Koen
A New Day by Beverly



  • Mayaya and the other Ama~s frequently called Inari a fox in the past. That might be because Inari is the name of a fox deity.
  • Windeed is a parody of Indeed.com, a job search site.

Differences From the Manga[edit]

  • In the manga, Hwayoung casually sleeps with Kai. But in the drama, she seems to be in an unrequited relationship with him.
  • A couple of the characters that Tsukimi meets at CUBE are replaced by Kai, Hwayoung, and random extras.
  • In the manga, Tsukimi's first kiss and freakout is with Kai Fish, instead of Kuranosuke.
  • In the manga, Tsukimi actually goes to Singapore and meets with Kai Fish and another character named Alex. The fishing lunch from the last episode was actually a lunch at a curry stand in Singapore.
  • Also, because the Singapore stuff was cut, the plot where Kuranosuke infiltrates as a model takes place in Japan, instead of in Singapore.
  • Hwayoung shows Kuranosuke the excess stock for burning in the manga, instead of Tsukimi.
  • Tsukimi draws some jellyfish pictures for some kids in the manga, but they are repulsed by them and think she's weird.
  • The manga has an extensive chapter that explains the origin of all the Ama~s members and how they ended up at Amamizukan. The drama cuts most of this out, barely keeping in Mayaya's (real name Maya) narrated backstory.


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