Kurage Hime 02

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Episode 02
Kurage Hime
Kurage Hime (TV Drama) episode
Writer Tokunaga Youichi
Director Ishikawa Junichi
Original air date January 22, 2018 (2018-01-22)
Viewership 6.9%
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Fan Rating 4.8 / 5
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Kurage Hime
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Important things that happened




Go Sign wa 1 Coin by Cafelatte Funsui Koen
A New Day by Beverly



  • Chieko's mother is following the tour of Hanyu Yuzuru a figure skater.
  • The Ama~s refer to Inari as a kitsune/fox. While kitsune can be used to describe someone as a "trickster", it's more likely they're commenting on how foxes in Asian folklore are depicted as having the ability to transform into human women who then seduce men.
    • Of course, Inari's name probably comes from Inari Ookami, a famous fox deity.

Differences From the Manga

  • The manga scheduled the redevelopment of the Amamizu Station area for 2010, in the drama it's set for 2020 in preparation of the Olympics.
  • In the manga, Inari drugs Shuu's drink. In the drama, she makes him fall asleep using hypnotism.
  • There are many scenes with Jiji-sama missing in the drama. The drama covers this up by saying Jiji-sama is busy with her activities involving old men.
    • Because Jiji wasn't at the meeting, it's Banba's umbrella that Tsukimi ends up going back for.


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