Kurage Hime 03

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Episode 03
Kurage Hime
Kurage Hime (TV Drama) episode
Writer Tokunaga Youichi
Director Yamauchi Daisuke
Original air date January 29, 2018 (2018-01-29)
Viewership 5.9%
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Fan Rating 4.8 / 5
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Kurage Hime
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Important things that happened




Go Sign wa 1 Coin by Cafelatte Funsui Koen
A New Day by Beverly



  • When Kuranosuke takes out the bill, Mayaya yells out Higuchi Ichiyou, the name of the female writer who adorns the Japanese 5000 yen bill.
  • When Shuu's mother comes home, she says Inari has arrived and holds up a pinky, indicating that she believes Inari is Shuu's girlfriend.
  • When Tsukimi calls Kuranosuke "a jellyfish princess yaaa", he responds by asking if she's being Hikomaro, a comedian known for ending his comments with "yaaa".

Differences From the Manga

  • The scene where Kuranosuke and Tsukimi encounter Shuu and Inari plays out differently than in the manga. At this point originally, Shuu still doesn't know Tsukimi is the otaku girl and Inari encounters Kuranosuke as a man instead of a woman here. Because of the changes, Inari chases Tsukimi off in the drama by revealing that Shuu didn't know Tsukimi was an otaku originally. In the manga, it's Kuranosuke and not Sasaki who reveals that Shuu is a virgin, but it's the photo that finally scares Tsukimi off and not what Inari said about Shuu's epiphany about Tsukimi.
  • In the drama, after Tsukimi's breakdown, she turns to booze from a food cart to forget her problems and ends up being carried home by Kuranosuke, whom she mistakes for her mom. In the manga, she goes into a daze and ends up going home on her own. Later, she finds some booze in Amamizukan and this is when the scene of her confusing Kuranosuke for her mom plays out.
  • In the manga, since Shuu was the older brother, Hanamori mentions growing up with Shuu, which is why Hanamori initially refuses to spy on him. In the drama, Hanamori's excuse is that he has watched over Shuu growing up instead.


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