Kiba ~Side Story of the Dark Knight~

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Kiba ~Ankoku Kishi Gaiden~
Kiba topSD.jpg
Director Amemiya Keita
Producer Okumura Yoshihiko
Writer Amemiya Keita
Release date(s) September 3, 2011 (2011-09-03)
Running time 45 minutes
Garo Side Story
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呀〈KIBA〉 〜暗黒騎士鎧伝〜 Kiba ~ Ankoku Kishi Gaiden
Note the Gai here uses the kanji for armor 鎧 instead of the normal kanji for "side story".

A side story for Dark Knight Kiba from the Garo Series. Chronologically it occurs during the original series' timeline, but it was released after Garo Movie: ~Red Requiem~ and before Garo ~Makai Senki~.

It uses a mix of real actors and animation segments to tell of Barago's tragic past.


  • Ryuuzaki Karune 龍崎駈音/ Makai Knight Barago 魔戒騎士バラゴ - Kyomoto Masaki
  • Makai Priest Erda 魔戒導師エルダ - Leah Dizon
  • Knight of Wind and Clouds Bado (voice) 風雲騎士バド - Inoue Kazuhiko 井上和彦



Occurs during the original Garo TV series. The new character introduced in this straight-to-video movie's fate is unknown.

The mention of Ganon, the fang of Messiah, was set up for the second Garo TV series.

Knight of Wind and Clouds Bado

Knight of Wind and Clouds Bado

Bado was a Makai Knight who attempted to defeat Barago and set him back on the right path.

Like Suzumura Rei, Bado is a dual-blade user. He also has several unique abilities:

  • Bado can create an illusion of himself for a short period of time to confuse his enemy.
  • He can also charge his swords up with shining golden energy to slash his enemy with.
  • A powerful ability of Bado, he can constantly teleport himself throughout a battle, making his enemy miss their attacks.
  • Bado can charge up a powerful golden energy blast. Even if blocked, it can implant "light" into the one it hits.

His defeat is mentioned in episode 23 of the original series. He's the knight of the western district that was assassinated by Kiba. After Garm's betrayal, the western district Watchdog becomes Kouga and Rei's new quest giver.


Warrior ~Yami wo Kakeru Kiba~
Singer, Lyrics, Composition - Kageyama Hironobu / Arrangement - 須藤賢

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