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Bikuu the Movie
劇場版 媚空-ビクウ-
Creator Amemiya Keita
Director Oohashi Akira
Writer Era Itaru
Action Director Oohashi Akira
  • Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
  • Omnibus Japan
Distributor Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
Release date(s) November 14, 2015 (2015-11-14)
Running time 78 min
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Garo -Makai no Hana- Spinoff
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White Flame Form

Byakuen 百炎

Bikuu's fighting form when in the mental world.

Celestial Bikuu

Tensei Bikuu 天生媚空

Bikuu's transformation that came as a result of Daichi's feelings for his mother.


  • Bikuu - Akimoto Sayaka 媚空 - 秋元才加
  • Kurama Daichi - Suga Kenta 代知 - 須賀健太
  • Saya - Asakura Erika 紗夜 - 朝倉えりか
  • Azusa - Ito Kazue アズサ - 伊藤かずえ
  • Mutsuki - Yashiki Hiroko ムツキ - 屋敷紘子
  • Priest Usami - Nakamura Naoki ウサミ - 中村尚輝
  • Takii - Gotou Tsuyoshi タキイ - 五刀剛
  • Priest Byakkai - Mickey Curtis 白海 - ミッキー・カーチス
  • Zesshin - Sano Shiro 絶心 - 佐野史郎
  • Makai Priest - Nakamura Yuuki 魔戒法師 - 中村祐樹
  • Man in shopping mall - Kawate Junpei ショッピングモールの男性 - 川手淳平
  • Club girls - Orihara Rei クラブの女性 - 折原怜
  • Club girls - Sato Nori クラブの女性 - 佐藤乃莉
  • Byakkai's girls - Otozuki Maria 白海ガールズ - 音月まりあ
  • Byakkai's girls - Tamura Kaho 白海ガールズ - 田村花穂
  • Byakkai's girls - Hagiyama Saki 白海ガールズ - 萩山沙貴
  • Byakkai's girls - Hokawa Kanon 白海ガールズ - 穂川果音
  • Byakkai's girls - Emori Saya 白海ガールズ - 江守沙矢
  • Byakkai's girls - Mitsuhoshi Anri 白海ガールズ - 光星杏梨

Songs used

Sengetsu ~Hikari to Yami no Soba de~ 繊月〜光と闇の傍で〜
Singer: Akimoto Sayaka
Lyrics: Okui Masami
Composer: Terada Shiho
Arranger: Terada Shiho, Kuriyama Yoshichika

Blu-Ray Specs

  • 5.1 Surround sound with a stereo commentary track
  • Bonus features are making-of, two greetings clips, as well as promos
  • Special edition comes with the CD soundtrack, a comic, and a photo book

Making of

  • 17 minutes long
  • Narrated by Ozeki Eri, Makai Kagekidan member and contributing Garo voice actress.
  • Shows how stunts and action scenes are filmed, interviews the cast, and features the recording of the ending theme.
  • The making of section reveals that the filming was between December 1, 2014 (2014-12-01) and January 23, 2015 (2015-01-23)


  • The character names reveal information about the characters.
    • Daichi's name means "substitute knowledge", which hints that he will be possessed later.
      • Daichi's name is written in katakana here, the kanji is revealed in his Makai Retsuden appearance. Strangely, his family name Kurama is mentioned in the movie, but not written in his credit in either appearance. This might mean that Mutsuki's full name would be Kurama Mutsuki.
    • Though the kanji is wrong, saya can mean "scabbard" or "shell".
    • Byakkai means "white ocean", because his soul is white.
    • Zesshin means "absolute heart".
  • This movie takes place after the events of Makai no Hana, since Bikuu's dead brother is mentioned.
  • The tie-in episodes in Makai Retsuden probably take place after the events of this movie. The first one aired when the Bikuu Blu-ray/DVD commercial first appeared. And another episode appeared the week the discs were released.
  • There are inconsistencies between how the Soul Insertion spell is portrayed here, as opposed to Makai Retsuden 09 (written by a different writer). In this movie, people can tell when the Soul Insertion spell is used upon them. But in the TV show, Daichi is able to enter people's souls without them becoming aware. Both are consistent in that they are able to be in the soul for 3 minutes, which only lasts 1 second in real life.
  • This movie makes use of foreshadowing.
    • Byakkai says that he's only leaving his prison when he dies, which is what happens at the end.
    • Byakkai tells Bikuu to train Daichi, but Bikuu refuses, because she's worried he will fall to darkness too easily. Which is why he was so easily possessed by Zesshin.
  • Daichi has the mark of Alayavijñana, which has something to do with consciousness and reincarnation. Apparently, Zesshin also had this mark.
  • Apparently in the heart, people cannot lie, according to Zesshin.
    • Since Dark Slashers have a reputation of being distrustful of all other people, when Bikuu first meets Daichi, she performs the Soul Insertion spell upon him. This is how she takes her orders, since Daichi cannot be deceptive in the world of his mind.
  • The path of the Dark Slasher is apparently a very cyclical one. Throughout the movie, Bikuu ends up walking in the footsteps of her two predecessors, Byakkai and Zesshin. At first, she follows Byakkai's orders, and ends up destroying Zesshin. But before Zesshin dies, he tells Bikuu that he learned that there's more to the human heart than whether the orb is black or white. In the end, Bikuu destroys Byakkai's white Soul Orb, which is the very act that drove Zesshin to darkness in the first place.

Actor Trivia

  • Suga Kenta previously played Kazeta Saburou / Inazuman as well as many other toku guest roles.
  • Suga had just turned 20 a few months before the filming of this movie. Making him a legal adult. In the making of footage, he talks about never visiting a place like a club before.
  • Sano Shirou previously voiced Ashuraada of Gokaiger vs Gavan, and narration of Ultraman Max.
  • Ito Kazue was Miki from GekiRanger.
  • Mickey Curtis played Mito on Keitai Sousakan 7. He was also Shuuji on Makai no Hana, which technically is in the same continuity as Bikuu's.


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