Garo -Kami no Kiba-

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Garo -Kami no Kiba-
Director Amemiya Keita
Writer Amemiya Keita
Action Director Yokoyama Makoto
Starring Kuriyama Wataru
  • Tohokushinsha
  • Omnibus Japan
Release date(s) January 6, 2018 (2018-01-06)
September 5, 2018 (2018-09-05) Blu-ray and DVD
Running time 96 minutes
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Garo -Fang of God-

Tagline - "Light of hope, shine into the darkness".



Opening Theme
Kami no Kiba~The Fang of Apocalypse~ (神ノ牙〜The Fang of Apocalypse〜)

Lyrics/Composer - Kageyama Hironobu
Arrangement - Koyama Hisashi
Singer: JAM Project

Ending Theme
Izayoi no Okuri Uta-ENDING SIDE- (十六夜の送り歌-ENDING SIDE-)

Lyrics - Umeda Sumiko
Composer - Okui Masami
Arrangement - Terada Shiho, Kuriyama Yoshichika
Singer: Sasaki Sayaka

Insert song
Izayoi no Okuri Uta (十六夜の送り歌)

Lyrics - Umeda Sumiko
Composer/Singer - Okui Masami
Arrangement - Terada Shiho, Kuriyama Yoshichika


  • "Fang of God" is Jinga's nickname. He was Ryuuga's antagonist during the Gold Storm series.
  • When the teaser first announced this movie, people thought it would be a spin-off movie that only focused on the character Jinga, who is referred to in the movie title.
  • Messiah is once again played by Nishino Shou, who was her actress in the original Garo series in 2006.
  • At one point, Jinga calls Ryuuga "the light of hope that shines into the darkness". This is almost the exact title for Yami wo Terasu Mono, the first Garo series to star Dougai Ryuuga.
  • The professor at the beginning is played by Saiki Shigeru who might be best known for being the old man who supported the Boukengers.
  • Bambi's singing voice is Okui Masami. During the ending sequence, the song is sung by Sasaki Sayaka who plays Rinza (The centaur Horror) in the movie.

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