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An ending song of Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Eternal. Return to the discography page.

Sung by: Matsuoka Mitsuru (SOPHIA)
Lyrics: Matsuoka Mitsuru
Composer: Matsuoka Mitsuru


Japanese Translation
流れる時代の波に飲まれて 諦めそうな夜にも
積み上げては 壊しながら 僕はここにいる 今も
大地を手に入れ 空を失くした
もげた翼の痛み 生きる証 小さな雲
君と出逢った (believe me) この街の中で 迷い
傷つけあった (love, meaning of my life) 愛したからこそ
忘られぬ melody (forever) 未だ見ぬ景色で 響け
明日を踏みつけ (with you) 目指す あの場所で
大地を手に入れ 空を失くした
未来と過去は どれほどの重さが違うだろう
僕の過ちを (believe me) 許し抱きしめた 強く
青い季節の (love, meaning of my life) 罪深き夜に
忘られぬ melody (forever) 未だ見ぬ景色で 響け
燃えて消えゆく (with you) 美しき星よ
君と出逢った (believe me) 壊してく melody 揺れて
明日が欲しくて (love, meaning of my life) 目指す あの場所で
君が教えてくれたのは 青空の破片
You're holding tightly onto that
one promise from that day
There are nights when you feel like giving up and being swallowed by the waves
While building things up as well as destroying things, I show that I'm still here in the now
Grab the land, the sky is gone
The pain of those torn wings is proof of life! Little cloud
I met you (believe me) while being lost in this city
We hurt each other (love, meaning of my life) because we loved each other
That melody can never be forgotten (forever) echoes on in places unseen
I step into the future (with you) heading for that place
Grab the land, the sky is gone
The weight between the past and the future is so different!
My mistakes (believe me) I strongly hold onto forgiveness
In a blue season (love, meaning of my life) in a night full of sin
That melody can never be forgotten (forever) echoes on in places unseen
It burns up and disappears (with you) that beautiful star
I met you (believe me) as it breaks the melody wavers
I want a future (love, meaning of my life) I seek that place
What you showed me was a fragment of the blue sky.

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