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Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers
Chou Ultra 8 Kyoudai Poster.jpg
"I will protect this world"
Director Yagi Takeshi
Producer Suzuki Kiyoshi
Writer Hasegawa Keiichi
Composer Sahashi Toshihiko
Cinematography Takahashi Hajime
Editor Matsuki Akira
  • Shochiku Co., Ltd
  • Tsuburaya Productions
Distributor Bandai Visual (Retail)
Release date(s)
  • September 13, 2008 (2008-09-13)
  • January 23, 2009 (2009-01-23) (Retail)
Running time 98 minutes
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A tokusatsu film that features Ultramen: Tiga, Dyna, Gaia, Mebius and Ultra Brothers.

Catchphrase: I will protect this world (この世界を、僕が守る)


In a parallel universe in Yokohama City, Daigo, Asuka and Gamu are brothers. The three grew up watching Ultraman on TV, in a world where kaijus and real Ultramen do not exist. They become ordinary adults, with Daigo working as a tour guide, Asuka as a ball boy, and Gamu as a museum curator, forgetting their glamorous childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut, professional baseball player, and rocket scientist, respectively.

After a strange mirage appearing in the skies of Yokohama City, Daigo begins to experience visions of kaijus, Ultramen, and a destroyed city. The visions unfold into reality as kaijus rampage the city. Daigo then meets Hibino Mirai, Ultraman Mebius, who tells him that he has to gather the 7 warriors in order to save the world.



Madoka Daigo / Ultraman Tiga
(マドカ・ダイゴ / ウルトラマンティガ)
Nagano Hiroshi

Ultra8Kyoudai Tiga.jpg

Hibino Mirai / Ultraman Mebius
(ヒビノ・ミライ / ウルトラマンメビウス)
Igarashi Shunji

Ultra8Kyoudai Mebius.jpg

Asuka Shin / Ultraman Dyna
(アスカ・シン / ウルトラマンダイナ)
Tsuruno Takeshi

Ultra8Kyoudai Dyna.jpg

Takayama Gamu / Ultraman Gaia
(高山 我夢 / ウルトラマンガイア)
Yoshioka Takeshi

Ultra8Kyoudai Gaia.jpg

Hayata Shin / Ultraman
(ハヤタ・シン / ウルトラマン)
Kurobe Susumu

Ultra8Kyoudai Ultraman.jpg

Moroboshi Dan / UltraSeven
(モロボシ・ダン / ウルトラセブン)
Moritsugu Kohji

Ultra8Kyoudai Seven.jpg

Gou Hideki / Ultraman Jack
(郷 秀樹 / ウルトラマンジャック)
Dan Jiro

Ultra8Kyoudai Jack.jpg

Hokuto Seiji / Ultraman Ace
(北斗 星司 / ウルトラマンA)
Takamine Keiji

Ultra8Kyoudai Ace.jpg



Ultra8Kyoudai monster gesura.jpg

Kaiju King Gesura
海獣 キングゲスラ
Sea Creature King Gesura

Height: 68 meters
Weight: 21,000 tonnes

Ultra8Kyoudai monster pandon.jpg

Soutou Kaiju King Pandon
双頭怪獣 キングパンドン
Twin-headed Kaiju King Pandon

Height: 63 meters
Weight: 68,000 tonnes

Ultra8Kyoudai monster silvergon.jpg

Gouriki Kaiju King Silvergon
剛力怪獣 キングシルバゴン
Herculean Strength Kaiju King Silvergon

Height: 70 meters
Weight: 79,000 tonnes

Ultra8Kyoudai monster goldras.jpg

Chouriki Kaiju King Goldras
超力怪獣 キングゴルドラス
Super Strength Kaiju King Goldras

Height: 75 meters
Weight: 87,000 tonnes

Ultra8Kyoudai monster hipporito.jpg

Jigoku Seijin Super Hipporito Seijin
地獄星人 スーパーヒッポリト星人
Hell Alien Super Alien Hipporito

Height: 60 meters
Weight: 65,000 tonnes

Ultra8Kyoudai monster gigachimera.jpg

Kyuukyoku Gattai Kaiju Giga Chimera
究極合体怪獣 ギガキマイラ
Ultimate Combination Kaiju Giga Chimera

Height: 512 meters
Length: 738 meters
Weight: 682,549 tonnes

Ultra8Kyoudai monster blacksilhouette.jpg

Jashin-ou Kuroi Kageboushi / Kyodai Ankoku Kyou Kyodai Kageboushi
邪心王 黒い影法師 / 巨大暗黒卿 巨大影法師
Wicked-heart King Black Silhouette / Gigantic Darkness Lord Giant Silhouette

Height: 1.8 meters → 1,500 meters
Weight: 0

Theme Song[edit]

Singer: V6
Lyrics: KOMU
Composer: Katou Yuusuke
Arranger: Yoshimasa Kawabata


  • At 01:00:36, there is a Bandai Visual billboard.
  • The line about becoming an astronaut and building the spaceship was actually taken from Episode 20 of Ultraman Dyna, where two boys say the same thing to each other.

Actor Trivia[edit]

  • Rena is the daughter of Hayata Shin. Her actress, portrayed by Yoshimoto Takami is actually the real daughter of Hayata's actor, Kurobe Susumu.
  • Megu (as Gou/Ultraman Jack's daughter), portrayed by Matsushita Megumi, is the biological daughter of Sakakibara Rumi (Aki, Gou's love interest).
  • Fujimiya and his family that we see at the ending scene (congratulating Gamu) is his actual family.
  • Nihei Masanari (the funny shop owner at the start of the movie) was in various Ultraman productions.
  • Nagasawa Nao (Daigo's mother) was on Ultraman Max and Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger (as HurricaneBlue).
  • Daigo's boss at his workplace is Otaki Akitoshi. He portrayed Munakata Seiichi, leader of GUTS, on Ultraman Tiga.
  • Kagemaru Shigeki, Rena's boss at the radio station, was another GUTS member on Tiga (Shinjoh Tetsuo).
  • Ishibashi Kei, the interviewer, was Shinjoh Mayumi (Shinjoh's little sister) on Tiga and Dyna and Tadano Kei on Gaia. She also played different roles on other Ultra productions as well.
  • Kawachi Tamio, the UN Chief, played General Sawai Souichirou on Tiga.
  • Sci-fi author Manjoume Jun, played by Sahara Kenji, was in Ultra Q and made cameos in subsequent productions.
  • Azami Youko, the TV presenter, was on UltraSeven X.
  • Saijou Yasuhiko, the old man who nearly got crushed by the debris, was in Ultra Q and appeared in various other Ultraman productions.
  • The three people that were cheering when Tiga first appeared - Onodera Joe, Kase Takao, and Kameyama Shinobu - were crew members in Dyna.
  • Asuka's baseball manager, played by Kinomoto Ryou, was captain Hibiki Gousuke on Dyna.
  • The narrator of the movie, Kazami Shingo, narrated some of the previous Ultraman series and films as well.
  • The mayor of Yokohama was the actual mayor of Yokohama at that time.

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